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5 Ways Past Life Regression Can Help You

The past is not behind us. It lives within us. It walks alongside the present self like a shadow. And as time is not linear, the past can be revisited at any time and can help bring about positive change, healing and growth in your current life. Read on to learn just some of the ways a past life regression can help you.

5 Ways Past Life Regression Can Help You

1. Discover the Land and People Of Your True Home

Perhaps you feel that you do not fit in or belong to this time and place. This may show up as a feeling that you are the "odd one out." You may feel little in common with the traits of those in your birth family. Or you may question what everyone else simply accepts as the norm in family circles and within the broader culture.

Perhaps you have the sense of having left a place too soon and feel a deep desire to return to the place where you belong; you feel it is if homesick for a place you cannot consciously remember.

A past life regression may guide you to reconnect with your family of origin and to an era in which you felt greater harmony both within yourself and with the culture and society of that time.

Revisiting the past may help you achieve a greater self-acceptance and give you the reassurance that, while you may not fit in, you do belong.

If this resonates for you, you may wish to listen to my Past Life Regression Hypnosis in which I guide you to return to a loving home to reconnect with the greatest love of all lives, whether this was a past lover, teacher, parent or another key figure. Watch and listen below.

2. Learn About Your Gifts and Skills From a Past Life

You may feel that the work you do right now does not fulfill you. Perhaps you feel lost and off track in your life. But you are also unsure of the next steps to find your purpose.

As the mind-body remembers, and the soul holds the key to those memories, reconnecting with your purpose from a past life can provide insights to help you unearth your hidden skills and gifts.

You may find commonalities with your purpose in a past life that you can then use as guidance to find direction in this life. As you witness a past life, you may learn more about the talents you were born with and also the skills you developed over a lifetime. You may even wish to ask yourself how you remained aligned to your purpose through challenging times and adversity. You can use the experience to develop your own resilience and strengths.

If you wish to discover your hidden gifts and skills, listen to the session below to learn more about your purpose from one of your past lives.

At the end of this journey, you will witness the positive impact of that life. There is no call to action more powerful than considering the legacy you will leave behind.

Use the experience to rekindle passion and rediscover purpose in this life.

3. Understand Relationship Patterns Repeating from Past Lives

If you find yourself repeatedly attracting a certain kind of person or can see a pattern in your relationships, you may wish to revisit a past life. This may reveal the karmic or soul connections you shared with others.

Revisiting those relationships may help you find peace of mind once you say and hear all that was left unsaid. You may also discover that you needed to return to a past life to cut cords or heal an emotional or spiritual wound inflicted in a past relationship.

And you may find that once you revisit a past life, you can return to this life with a greater understanding of your own subconscious patterns.

More than understanding, you may feel a greater freedom from the past, having ended past cycles of karma carried forward from past lives.

You may notice a higher awareness that allows you to choose relationships that are more harmonious and mature instead of playing out past wounds and insecurities.

4. Overcome a Limiting Belief or Phobia Established in a Past Life

As we inherit certain forms of trauma, some believe we can carry forward phobias, fears or limiting beliefs from a past lifetime. The first step to heal in hypnotherapy would be to determine if the root cause of the phobia resides in a current lifetime.

As hypnotherapy typically seeks to uncover the root cause of phobias and fears, also known as the initial sensitizing event (ISE), in some cases this journey may take some clients beyond the boundaries of this life and into a past lifetime.

The fear of phobia may or may not be due to something that happened to you. As with all trauma, it can result from being witness to events happening around you, as shown in the video below.

The session below is led by the psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss who has specialized for decades now in past life regression after one of his clients spontaneously regressed to a past lifetime.

By accessing past life memories, individuals can often uncover the root causes of their fears, phobias, or unresolved traumas, leading to healing and release.

And if you are concerned about revisiting distressing or traumatic events, rest assured that a skilled hypnotherapist will be able to guide you through the process to achieve healing and release by using additional techniques (such as the rewind technique) to ensure that you emerge from the session with emotional wounds healed rather than reopened, and the emotional charge of those memories neutralized.

5. Self-Discovery and Soul Development

Lastly, you may want to experience a past life to gain valuable insights into your own character. A past life regression may reveal aspects of yourself that you can integrate into this life to gain a deeper sense of self-knowing.

A regression is not just the experience of a different lifetime but also an experience of a different lifestyle. You may visit a past life where you embody a different race, gender or culture. You may experience vastly different day-to-day challenges, a different set of societal norms and also personal values, all of which can enrich your present-day life.

You may emerge from the experience with a richer worldview and a greater capacity for empathy for others. And you may also realize the illusion of separateness; we are all one.

If you are curious to learn more about yourself, my Past Life Hypnosis for Beginners gives you an introduction to a past life and then guides you through the key events of one of your past lives. And as hypnosis does not require that you be visual to benefit from this; you will utilize all of your senses in this immersive experience. Watch and listen below.

About Sarah Dresser, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sarah Dresser, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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