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7 Steps to Prepare You For Astral Projection BEFORE You Begin

I read so many comments with the same mistakes over and over again. So here are 7 steps to set you up for success, most of which you need to do even before you sit or lie down to attempt astral projection. Read on to find out what you're missing in you practice.

7 Steps to Prepare for Astral Projection

1. Set Your Intention To Astral Project

This seems so simple but so many people forget to set an intention. This is true of all spiritual practices, whether lucid dreaming, making contact with the spirit world, or astral projection, as just some examples. Set your intention and state it silently or out loud: "I intend to astral project tonight". A mantra will greatly increase your success. Use your mantra every single time; never skip this step.

Also add in a positive aspect to your mantra to further clarify that it will be an enjoyable and positive experience such as "I intend to have a positive astral journey tonight". I often read in YouTube comments how listeners are setting themselves up to fail, stating "I want" or "I will try", both of which imply doubt and an expectation to fail. Do not try, do not want; simply set an intention.

2. Visualize Moving Closer To An Object While Standing Or Sitting Still

Before you settle in, go to a window or doorway and focus on a fixed object, such as a building or a tree in the distance. Now, visualize, eyes open or closed, that you are moving through the window space, through the air and now see the details of that object up close. Here are some things to notice:

  • Notice what makes you feel you are moving closer.

  • How do your senses tell you that you have travelled? Do you feel the wind around you, feel a change in the temperature, see the object getting closer, hear the outside sounds, etc.?

  • When you arrive at the object, what do you notice up close? How does it feel? Is it rough or smooth? What can you see in the object up close? What other sounds do you hear? Does this object have a scent?

Astral Projection Tip: Visualize Travelling to a Distant Point

Focusing on a distant object has the same effect as focusing an arrow on a bullseye. Where intention goes energy flows. If you remain focused on where you are now when you reach the vibrational stage, you will remain where you are.

If you acknowledge the vibrations but focus on a distant point, your astral body is far more likely to exit. Practice this regularly to feel more at ease when you achieve astral projection.

3. Prepare Your Exit Method

Before you start your astral projection journey, decide how you will exit your physical body and place yourself in a position that allows for that exit method. Choose the method that makes most sense for you, and feels the safest and most pleasant because you will be less likely to panic and disrupt the exit when it happens.

Yes, it is your astral body and no physical harm can come to you but fear can still block you from exiting.

Astral Projection Tip: Decide On Your Exit Method

Some of the better-known exit methods are:

  • catapult out your body; let the vibrations build until they propel you forward

  • the swing method (back and forth motion leading to an exit)

  • magnetic pull; imagine a tractor beam drawing you out of your body

  • the rope method: climb out your body

  • roll out sideways (if in bed this can be a good option) or forwards (if in a chair)

  • sink down out of your physical body (again this is a good option if lying in bed)

  • elevate through your crown or third eye space

  • detach, starting from your crown or toes

Choose whichever exit method works best for you to set yourself up for success once you reach the vibrational stage. If it feels strange or odd to roll forward out of your body, for example, choose a different method. Go with what feels easiest, safest and within your control.

4. Create a Reality Check

So many comments on my astral projection sessions describe not knowing whether it is the astral self or physical self moving. To counter this confusion, I recommend covering your arms and hands with a sheet or blanket so that when you think the astral body is moving, you can verify this with a simple sensory check.

Practice moving and feeling the texture of the blanket or sheet before you begin your hypnosis session. Note the sensations and even sounds. Feel the texture and embed it in your memory so you can easily differentiate your astral body movements from your physical body movements.

5. Establish a Regular Astral Projection Practice, But Stop "Trying" So Hard

Some people may have been trying for months or years to achieve their first astral projection, but it is the very word "try" itself is that is the block. The problem with "trying" is that it implies significant conscious effort and, with that, tension.

Conscious effort means you are not letting your subconscious take control. But for you to be able to release the astral body, your conscious mind needs to take a virtual step back, to be asleep or in theta state.

Trying implies tension not just in the mind, but also in the body.

Releasing the conscious mind from the effort of trying too hard, and going through progressive relaxation to relax the physical body allows the subconscious mind and astral body to come to the foreground.

Change your mindset from one of trying too hard to curiosity. Approach each new session as if it were an adventure. If you find you are clenched and tense in both body and mind, use the image of an open hand rather than a closed fist. An open hand invites in an experience.

6. Take 30 to 60 Seconds to Practice Breath Focus: Use the Breath to Become Present

Trying also implies a future desire; wanting something to happen in the future, which distracts from the focus on the present moment which is essential for astral projection. Use your breath as a reminder to come back to the present moment.

Even when you are not in meditation or self-hypnosis, take just 30 seconds to become aware of your breath. Do this in between meetings, zoom calls, just after you parked your car, just after brushing your teeth etc. You can find that time. Whether you are visual, kinaesthetic, auditory or even olfactory as your primary sense, become aware of your breath. As B. J. Fogg states:

"tiny habits are indeed the small changes that change everything."

What to notice about the breath: whatever you notice the most. Feel it, hear it, visualize it as a coloured mist, or imagine it is tinted with a scent, through whichever sense helps you connect with your breath. The sound, the feeling, the movement, the temperature... no pressure here to do this the "right" way because the simple act of noticing the breath is right, and all that is needed.

And now, within you, feel the breath wherever you feel it the most: nose, throat, over your tongue, rib movement, belly expanding, or somewhere else.

Now, notice if you can slowly deepen and slow the breath, especially the exhale. Do not gulp the air as this sends signals to the sympathetic nervous system to excite the body. Imagine inhaling air slowly through a long wide straw. Imagine your lungs inflating like a lazy balloon, never reaching full inflation; just a comfortable expansion that then slowly deflates.

7. Let's Start the Right Way, in the Right Position

Hypnosis is not like meditation; it does not require you to quiet the mind beforehand. This is why I am a huge fan of hypnosis because it works with your mind, however busy, and has so many powerful techniques far beyond breath focus.

However, a couple of easy adjustments will help your chances of success with your astral projection hypnosis session even more.

Astral Projection Tip: Keep Arms and Legs Uncrossed
Keeping arms and legs uncrossed allows the physical plain of existence to fade into the background

  1. Keep arms and legs uncrossed. If you cross them, sooner or later you will feel pressure and the urge to move.

  2. Whether sitting or lying down, ensure that your neck or head is supported. When you get to the doorway of sleep, your head may well roll and disrupt the experience if unsupported.

  3. If there is time, prepare with yin yoga or other relaxation poses before getting into a bed or chair.

Final Thoughts

You may have a natural predisposition to access the astral level of existence or may need to practice more regularly and overcome blocks in your own time.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are much more accessible than meditation but still require a commitment. Follow the steps above regularly. I look forward to supporting you on your next astral adventure. Wishing you success!

Now Practice

Listen to one of my Astral Projection Hypnosis sessions from this playlist. Or you can start with my most popular astral projection hypnosis session. Watch it below.

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