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First 10 Questions to Ask Your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel

As you establish your spiritual practice, you may not know what to ask when you contact your guides or angels. So here are ten questions you can use to make the most of each communication session

I also give you a tip for how to end your communication with one specific ritual that will strengthen the connection between the two of you.

Read on to learn more.

10 Questions to Ask Your Angel or Guide

1. What is your name?

Asking your guide's name allows you to identify each presence, as you may have more than one guardian or guide.

Be open to all forms of communication, not just spoken or written names, but also symbols which appear, sounds or even imagery shown to you.

If in non-verbal and non-written form, you can also commit the object or image to memory and bring this to mind to help you call on your angel or guide in the future.

Tune in to all your senses as communication may not always be verbal. Symbols, images, sounds, or knowledge downloads are other ways in which your guide or angel may communicate with you

2. How long have you been with me?

We all have at least one guide or angel from birth, but different guides appear at key times in each of our lives.

Some guides may even come from this lifetime, as a loved one passed on who has returned to watch over us, or even further back, from a previous lifetime. So, if you do not immediately recognize them, ask if you know each other from this or another life, or even from between lives, so you can better understand the history of your relationship.

3. What is your purpose?

Some guides are lifelong guardians who have watched over us since birth. Others may appear after a major event or at a key time of life, such as during a crisis, during a time of ill health, or at the birth of a child, as just some examples.

Some are here to protect you, some to teach you, and some to get you back on track when you wander off life's path.

Clarify the role of your guide, whether they are lifelong guardians or are here to help and guide you during a crucial time in your life. Knowing their purpose helps you understand when to seek their support and guidance.

4. What is the reason for your visit today?

Whether your guide or angel has a specific purpose or is your lifelong guide, there may be a time-bound reason they are visiting you on a certain day, perhaps to warn you, or to help you when you most need support, or perhaps to reassure you at a time of despair or stress.

Be sure to ask your guide or angel the reason for their contact whenever they make their presence felt, especially if they appear spontaneously.

5. What is the most important next step for me?

Guides and angels are not here to tell us exactly how to lead our lives, but rather to give guidance, reassurance and support.

Even and especially if you feel confused about how to reach your goals and dreams, help yourself clear the confusion by asking for guidance on the next steps.

Ask open-ended rather than closed questions to get the most out of the time with your guide.

Ask your guide or angel open-ended questions rather than closed yes/no questions

6. What are my gifts?

Not only do your guides give you insights into your life direction, but they can also help you better understand yourself. You may not recognize your talents and skills, so ask them to show you what your gifts are. Allow them to show the greatness that they see within you.

Your angel or guide may reveal more information to you as you ask the same or related questions again over time. Remember that you will only ever receive the knowledge and wisdom that you are ready to hear and accept.

7. What is my life purpose or mission?

As you learn about your guide or angel's specific area of support or purpose, also ask for support in learning about your life purpose or mission.

While they may not tell you directly, you can gain information by asking about the nature of the work (whether alone or with others, inside or outside, for example) and inquiring about the skills you will need to learn will help guide you. Also, ask about the most important gifts or talents that will help you fulfill your purpose or mission.

As you continue to ask and receive answers, each piece of information will help you orient your life direction to align with your purpose.

8. Through which senses do you communicate?

You can ask how your guide communicates either out loud or through your inner voice. Even if your angel or guide is non-verbal, they will still understand spoken or silently expressed questions.

Their answers and messages may or may not come in the form of words. Just as they may communicate their name in spoken or unspoken form, they may also convey messages through different forms. Attune all of your senses to be receptive to all forms of communication.

Symbols, images, or sounds are other ways your guide or angel may communicate with you. For example, they may write or show you a scene, and music may accompany the scene. Or you may receive a sudden download of information.

Accept all information in all forms, and if at first the answers you receive do not make sense, more information may come later to complete the message.

Messages from your guide or angel may continue to appear even after your direct contact has ended

For example, you may have a very vivid dream after meeting with your guide. Or, the morning after you meet with a guide, you may hear a song that contains meaningful information.

You may notice an unusual object in your daily life, or a symbol may suddenly appear in your home or place of work or study. Or there may be a chance meeting or event that seems more than coincidence: a moment of synchronicity.

Be patient and allow the messages to be revealed to you.

And do not try to force meaning. The conscious part of the brain is such a small part of our total mind power and may make false meaning from the messages. Trust that your subconscious mind will be able to put the pieces together to find the true intent of the messages and signs over time.

9. How will I know you are with me in everyday life?

Your guides may try to make their presence known even outside of a hypnosis or meditation session. So before you end communication with them, ask how you can know when they are nearby. They may call your attention through some form of synchronicity, an object may appear, or you may feel the energy around you change, or a song may appear in your mind, as just a few examples.

10. How can I contact you in the future?

Using your guide's name or a symbol of their presence is one way to contact your guide in the future. Speaking their name or evoking the symbol, image, sound, or even scent (burning a herb or using a certain oil) will help you call on them whenever you need them. But always ask them how to make contact in the future.

And, whatever your natural ability, meditation or hypnosis makes the process easier. Theta state is the brainwave state that serves as a portal through which you can access the metaphysical world.

As well as a regular meditation or hypnosis practice, a ritual will also help you connect more easily with your guides or angels in the future. For example, meditating in the same location every time, holding the same amulet to attract the right guide, and repeating the same mantra will all help your practice.

The more you create a ritual and a consistent practice, the easier it will be for you to connect with your guide and angel.

And remember...

Express gratitude. Give thanks

Gratitude is a renewing source of love. Always finish each session and receive each message with gratitude. As you give thanks, you deepen the bond between the two of you.

Beginner's Meditation Connect with Your Spirit Guide or Angel in Your Safe Place

If you are new to your spiritual practice, this beginner's meditation helps you establish your practice and guides you through several important steps of preparation and psychic protection. Be sure to follow these steps as they will deepen your connection and help you more easily call on and connect with our guides or angels. Practice regularly, be patient and approach each session with open-minded curiosity.

Enjoy the journey to your sanctuary on a hilltop, where you can create the perfect place to meet your guide or angel. You can also browse all my spirit guide and guardian angel MP3s here to download and listen offline, anytime. I hope you enjoy this introductory meditation. You can now also access all MP3s in your own private podcast feed. Learn more about how to get Unlock Your Life MP3s in your very own private podcast feed here.

Thank you for reading

Sarah Dresser, Creator of Unlock Your Life

My name is Sarah Dresser, and I am the creator, writer and narrator of the Unlock Your Life Youtube channel. I quit a 17-year corporate career to create the job I love. For a decade now I have worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I embrace both the neuroscience and spirituality of hypnosis.

I first discovered hypnotherapy as I turned to it as a last resort. In just four sessions, I was freed from more than a decade of chronic insomnia. This is just one example of how quickly and easily hypnotherapy can help in ways that traditional talk therapy cannot. Hypnosis is truly for everyone, even and especially for those who cannot quiet their minds.

My passion is providing low-cost and no-cost support for all. My mission is to make hypnotherapy mainstream and accessible to all, not just those who can afford private therapy sessions. Learn more about my background and journey here.

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As always, I am here to support you on your journey.

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