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First 10 Questions to Ask Your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel

As you start out on your spiritual practice you may simply ask them why they are here or ask them a question that is weighing on your mind. But these 10 questions will allow you to more deeply connect with your guide and get more out of each time you connect.

And there is ONE thing that you may well be forgetting.

Read on to learn more.

Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel at Night in Starry Sky

1. What is Your Name?

This one allows you to create a connection with them. They may speak or write a name or it may appear in characters (letters) or symbols, shapes or an object. If non-verbal and non-written form, you can commit the object to memory and recall it in order to call on your guide or angel in the future.


Be attuned to all senses and all ways

in which a guide or angel may communicate with you.

This may or may not be something they speak.

You may see a symbol, an image, or a sound may come to you,

or a download of knowledge may be revealed to you.

2. How Long Have You Been with Me?

I believe we all have at least one guide or an angel from birth but different guides appear at different times. Ask them also if you knew each other from another life or between lives and how you knew each other to better understand your relationship with each other.

3. What is Your Purpose?

Some guides are simply lifelong guides, watching over you, helping you along this life's path, and others come at specific times in your life: in a crisis, in ill health, or at the birth of your child or another key life event.

Some are here to protect you, some are here to teach you, and some are here to fulfill a nurturing role you may not have in 3D reality.

Ask their purpose to know how you will work together and who to call on at different times.

4. What is the Reason for Your Visit Tonight?

Whether your guide or angel has a specific purpose or not, there may be a time-bound reason they are visiting you tonight: to help you when you most need it, to warn you, to reassure you at a time of despair or stress.

Even when you know their purpose, both the first time and every time you see each other, ask why they are here to make the most of each visit.

5. What Is the Most Important Next Step for Me?

Guides and angels are not here to tell us how to lead our lives, but to give guidance, reassurance and support. There may be several questions you have, but ensure that you understand the most important next step for you.


Ask your guide or angel open-ended questions

rather than closed yes/ no questions

6. What Are My Gifts?

Your guides not only give insight into your own life but can also help you achieve a greater self-knowing.

7. What Is My Purpose or Mission?

Asking not just your guide's mission but also your own life mission or purpose may be an insight your guide can provide. They may not tell you directly, so additional questions may be: - will I work mainly inside or outside? - alone or with others?

- is there a specific tool or instrument I will use?

- what skill do I need to learn to fulfill my life's purpose?

8. Through Which Senses Do You Communicate?

You can ask this question out loud or through your internal voice.

Messages may or may not come in the form of words. Just as they may communicate their name in spoken or unspoken form, they may show you how they will communicate with you on an ongoing basis. They may write, show you a scene, and music may accompany them. These are just some of the ways they may communicate while you are together.

But also be attuned to information you receive immediately afterwards. For example, you may well have a very vivid dream after meeting with your guide that completes the answers to your questions.

Or, the morning after you meet with a guide, you may hear a song that contains meaningful information that completes their message. There may be some unusual synchronicity in the days after a meeting, an unusual object or symbol appears in your everyday life. Notice what stands out to you after the encounter as well as during it.

9. How Will I Know You Are with Me in Everyday Life?

Your guides may be trying to make their presence known even outside of a hypnosis or meditation session. So ask them how you can know they are near. Oftentimes, this is when they want to contact you, so you know that you can return to a meditative state (if you require this to contact them, not everyone does) as they may have urgent or even just helpful information for you.

10. How Can I Reach You in the Future?

Not everyone needs to enter into trance state through meditation or hypnosis in order to connect to guides. Whatever your natural ability, it does, in my experience, open up the mind to a greater connection with the spirit world to learn to meditate or listen to a hypnosis recording or practice self-hypnosis.

Ritual will help you more easily connect with your guides or angels in the future, sitting in the same spot, holding the same amulet (to attract the right guide), and repeating the same mantra.

And don't forget...

Give Thanks!

Gratitude is a renewing source of love. As you give thanks, you deepen the connection between the two of you

Beginner's Meditation Connect with Your Spirit Guide or Angel in Your Safe Place

If you are new to your spiritual practice, this beginner's meditation helps you establish your practice with multiple levels of physical and psychic protection. Don't skip these. Enjoy the journey to your sanctuary on a hilltop where you can create the perfect place to meet your guide or angel. You can also browse all my spirit guide and guardian angel MP3s here to download and listen to offline, anytime. I hope you enjoy this introductory meditation.

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