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Sleep in the Safety of Your 4 Angels

This is the perfect session if you feel uneasy or anxious especially at night  You are visited by four of your angels (guides), each of which has a mission, to bring you peace, love, hope or protection.  During this meditation you also get to speak with Source, God, whatever your preferred word, and throughout you are given imagery to relax you, give you peace of mind and send you off to sleep

Length 1 hr

Journey to the Subconscious

Heal, Integrate, Achieve Inner Peace

Your guide leads you into a tower where there are rooms in which you reclaim various parts of you.  This healing and empowering journey culminates in the integration of your whole self with your light shining to guide others on their own path to healing

Length 50 mins

Develop Resilience, Inner Strength

Mountain Meditation

Sometimes sitting with what is becomes the greatest act of courage.  In stillness you are guided to be the like the mountain: strong, steadfast and confident that this till shall pass

Length 20 mins

Meet Your Legion of Guides

Sleep Meditation

Meet guides that give advice, gifts or messages related to love, relationships, abundance, focus and career and more.  And receive a welcome surprise at the end

Length 50 mins

Access Higher Consciousness

Experience Oneness

This takes you through dissolving the illusion of self to experience timelessness and oneness.  Within this free state you will be able to release lower level emotions, elevate your vibration and experience a sense of calm and peace

Length 45 mins

Banish the Inner Critic

In hypnosis you meet your inner critic and discover if you can coach them into being more positive or, if they decide to remain negative, you are empowered to send them away for good. You are then guided into rewiring your brain for positive thinking and beliefs that support your wellbeing, peace of mind and hopes for the future.

Length 45 mins

Meet and Become Your Future Self

Your future self has many different versions all changing depending on the choices you make and mindset you take on right now.  Each time you listen to this you may learn some new insight to guide you. Not only do you gain key insights from your future self, but you also get to experience life as your future self!  The future starts in this present moment; make the most of it

Length 1 hr

Endings and Beginnings

Embrace Change Meditation

We often resist what has already ended because we are in denial or we have to face some other ending.  Letting go allows us to make space for new better beginnings.  Allow this meditation to free you up for the best still to come!

Length 45 mins

Rapid Healing While You Sleep at all Levels Hypnosis

This session takes you through 20 minutes of relaxation to prepare mind and body to be open to healing.  You then go through multiple levels of healing at physical, emotional, spiritual and other levels

Length 1 hr 30 mins

Dissolve Into Light

Recreate Yourself at ALL Levels

We get so accustomed to living with subconscious limitations, even pain, that it can be a challenge to imagine a better life, a life of freedom.  Explore what freedom feels like and looks like in this powerful healing hypnosis where you dissolve into light then reform thoughts, emotions and your physical self

Length 1  hour

Healing White Light Meditation

You are guided with the support of your spirit or angel of winter who channels white light through you to transmute all darkness, all toxicity, all illness into light, leaving behind only healthy beliefs, healthy body, and a healthy self-image.  This also contains chakra healing and unblocking to allow the light to flow freely through all your meridians. 

Length 1 hr

Healing Circle Meditation with Shaman and Guides

This is one of the deepest dives yet into the subconscious to reclaim orphaned, shadow parts of self.  Throughout you are accompanied by three unique guides and throw what is no longer needed into the fire.  Heal and become whole again.

Length 1 hr 10 mins

Third Eye Activation

Elevate Your Vibration with Psychic Protection

This third eye activation session uses the power of the sun to surround you in a protective glow and to raise your vibration.  As vibrations lift, the sun sets, the moon appears and catalyzes the activation of the third eye.  

Length 1 hour

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