Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is NOT sleep, more a deep state of relaxation with a high level of focus. Your brain waves start to slow down and you become more acutely in touch with your inner world: emotions, thoughts and memories. There are varying levels of hypnosis and you may be aware or you may not. The deeper you go, the greater the lack of conscious awareness and the faster the positive changes. And however deep you go, you are always in control

Is hypnosis similar to meditation?

Yes, your brain goes into the same state but different to meditation, hypnosis can take you there the very first time. This is due to the embedded therapeutic techniques that help you work with your brain. In hypnosis, unlike meditation, there is no need to quiet the conscious mind. The conscious mind can chatter and this has no negative impact; you can still take on the positive effects of the hypnosis session you are in

What is hypnotherapy?

It goes far beyond treating insomnia and smoking and can be used for any and all areas of your life where you find you lack self-belief or feel yourself trying to use willpower to break a habit, or keep having recurring events and emotions continually surface

How can I know it will work for me?

Just about everyone can be hypnotized with the exception of people with some extreme conditions such as psychosis and psychopathy. Some types of medication can also interferer. In my experience, medication for depression can interfere with results

Does hypnosis weaken the will?

No, hypnosis actually helps you increase your will by aligning your subconscious with what your conscious mind already wants. Hypnosis works with the will, not against it, and you will only accept messages you are ready to believe and which are in your own health's interests

Will I lose control?

No, absolutely not. At every step, you will be in control, since successful hypnotic trances require your cooperation and decision to take on the positive messages to achieve the results that you desire. You can only take on beliefs that fit with your own morals and values

Can I get "stuck" in hypnosis?

No, never, and this has never happened. Even if a session is interrupted there are only two possibilities: you will fall asleep and wake later on, or you will wake immediately. If at any time there are urgent sounds and signs in your surroundings, your mind will alert you and you will come out of hypnosis. Your mind is smart and it is ALWAYS looking out for you at all time!

Are there any side effects?

No side effects. The great thing about self-hypnosis and guided meditation is that there is no medication or supplements at all. You are simply tapping into the resources you always had but never knew lay inside of you!!

Do you guarantee my issue will be resolved with hypnotherapy?

No, unfortunately not, the reasons being primarily that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Simply put, I provide the tools but this is very much teamwork and you must decide to utilize them Other reasons why I cannot guarantee results include but are not limited to:

  • there may have subconscious resistance to change. These are known in hypnotherapy as "secondary gains";
  • ​each client will only break the negative associations and create positive habits, beliefs and behaviour once they are truly ready and willing to do so;
  • you may have a medical condition or be on medication which interferes with hypnosis, particularly for issues related to weight, anxiety and depression. In all cases, it is recommended to seek medical advice before undertaking this program. For any suspected or confirmed physical or mental condition you must always check with a physician first.

Will hypnotherapy change my personality?

You will still be yourself. However, some people achieve such positive changes and others around you may indeed notice a positive difference. For example, you may feel increased confidence along with health changes and ideal weight attainment. This is simply because you have let go of unhelpful habits and self-limiting beliefs which are not part of the true you.

I still have questions

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