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Podcast Help and FAQs

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Pocast Page Sectio 3: Benefits

MP3s Private Podcast Features

Privacy Protected

Complete privacy; your MP3s and your feed are only visible to you

Simple and Secure

There is no user name or password to remember but your unique subscription link is only accessible to you

Subscribe Once

Subscribe once; and all future MP3 purchases are automatically added to your feed

Ease of Use

No more searching through your downloads, folders or cloud storage. Simply open your podcast app to find your Unlock Your Life MP3s

Access on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Phone

All your MP3s are sent to all your devices; pick up exactly where you left off as you move from phone to tablet to PC or Mac

Automatic Downloads to Listen Offline

Set your podcast feed to automatically download all your current and future MP3s so they are always available offline.  

No Audio Adverts and No Subscription Fee

Pay one price one time for the MP3s you wish to download to listen offline any time, ad-free.  No audio adverts and no subscription fee

Support Your Sleep Routine

Use a sleep timer to play an MP3 for as long as you need to fall asleep or use the sleep timer for break times

Loop MP3s

Loop an MP3 to play again or all night

Star Favourite MP3s

Favourite your top MP3s to find them in your "starred" list

MP3s With Music and Vocals Only

All new MP3 releases are provided both with and without background music.  

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