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Podcast App Help and FAQs

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General Podcast Tips

The benefits of a private podcast feed over downloading to your device are:


☑️ subscribe once; all future MP3 purchases are automatically added to your feed


🔍 no need to search through folders on your device for your MP3s, they are sent to your podcast app every time you purchase a new MP3


🎧 create playlists to organize your MP3s

⬇️ set up automatic downloads once to never have to do it again ever, manually.  

Podcast Apps vs. Youtube

Some other features which you can enjoy that are not available on Youtube are:

🚫 no audio adverts

🕰️ use a sleep timer to play an MP3 for as long as you need to fall asleep

🔁 loop an MP3 to play again or all night

⬇️ automatically download all your MP3s (no manual download needed)

★ favourite your top MP3s to find them in your "starred" list

🎵 versions both with and without background music for all new MP3 releases

💻 🖥️ 📱 listen seamlessly across platforms; pick up exactly where you left off as you move from phone to tablet to PC or Mac

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