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Can I save the mp3s to Windows, Android, smartphone, tablet, or PC?

Yes, absolutely.  For all of these operationg systems (OS) you simply click "download". 


Please note for iPad and iPhone users there are a couple of extra steps because of the restrictions Apple has put in place to attempt to restrict purchases outside of iTunes. Windows, Mac, Windows computers, Android and Blackberry users simply click "download all" - easy!

Can I download to my iPhone, iPod or iPad?

Yes, you can; by either saving to Dropbox or saving to a Windows computer or Mac first and then sync-ing through iTunes. If you don't have a Dropbox account, you can get a FREE account with 2GB of storage here (


Option 1: save to Dropbox

  • In the order email choose "save to Dropbox" (ensure you have the app installed on your iPhone or iPad)


Option 2: save to computer / Mac

  • save all mp3s to a computer or Mac

  • double click to launch the songs in iTunes

  • select each one so it is highlighted

  • choose File - add to library to sync across all devices

Can I purchase the Think Yourself Slim Program and Unlock Your Life MP3s on iTunes?

Some of them yes, but please note not all of the Think Yourself Slim MP3s are on iTunes as iTunes no longer accepts spoken word recordings. You can find some of the Think Yourself Slim mp3s here. And Unlock Your Life MP3s here

Can you provide the recordings on CDs?

No, unfortunately not, as the time and cost involved would mean all prices would need to go up

How much space on my phone, tablet or computer do I need?

If you buy one mp3, it will be about 40 to 50MB.  If you buy the Core or Extended Program you will need at least 400MB of free space.  Alternatively you can sync to Dropbox. You can register with just your email address to get a free Dropbox account and 2GB of free storage.

How long do I keep the program or MP3s for?

It's yours for life!  One purchase and you get to keep the program for life

What if I lose or accidentally delete my MP3s?

If you lose or accidentally delete the program, simply contact us using the email address you originally purchased with, and we will resend you a copy.  Please note that for more than 3 requests for a resend of an order from the same customer, a $10 USD admin charge will apply for all subsequent re-sends, charged  per resend of an order.

How soon will I receive my mp3s?

Instantly!  As soon as payment is submitted either via credit card or Paypal, you will receive an email with a link you click to download the mp3s.

What are the accepted payment methods?

You can pay by either Paypal or credit card.  Simply select payment method at checkout.  Both methods meet international secure payment standards and have fraud protection

What taxes are applicable to the sales price?

No taxes are applicable to most countries outside of Canada, including the USA 

What happens after I order?

You will instantly receive a confirmation email with links to download your audio file(s).

If you have not received the email please check your junk / spam filters. 


Please note that you have five (5) attempts to download after which the link will expire.


Please also note that you can only download from the email address you used to purchase the mp3s, for security reasons

I still have questions

No problem!  Please send your question through the contact form here

* prices are in US Dollars

** results not guaranteed

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