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10 Questions to Ask Your Higher Self When Meditating

If you meditate regularly, you may gain insights as you learn to quiet your mind. But an even more effective way to obtain insights and receive guidance is to connect with your higher self.

10 Questions to Ask Your Higher Self by Unlock Your Life

What is the Higher Self?

Your higher self is the eternal self, your spirit. They are unlimited by 3D reality and unscarred by history, unlike the soul which can be damaged and even fragmented as a result of life experiences. The higher self is connected to Source, God, or however you may wish to name Oneness.

Your higher self is always connected to you and part of you, as they transcend 3D time-space. However, as with spirit guides, you may not always be aware of their presence.

Meditation and hypnosis allow the mind to enter theta state, which is considered the gateway to higher consciousness and the spirit world.

To enhance your experience during your hypnosis or meditation practice, here are ten questions you can use to make the most of every meeting with your higher self.

Remember, you will only receive answers to questions when you are truly ready to know. So make sure you ask the final two questions below every time you meet.

1. What steps do I need to take to align with my truth and purpose in this life?

If you're not already aware, you can ask to learn your life purpose during your initial communications with your higher self. They may give you a direct answer or indicate the skills, tools, and surroundings you'll have when you are aligned with your purpose.

2. What is one strength I have not seen or do not appreciate in myself?

In part, the process of becoming your higher self is deconstructing oneself and letting go of false ideas of what you should and should not be. Your unique qualities are your strengths. What you may perceive as a weakness or flaw in yourself could well be where your talents and skills lie. Asking your higher self will help you more clearly see the true you.

3. How can you help me with my goal?

If you are working towards a specific life goal, your higher self can give you a new perspective.

"Your higher self lives in a space free of ego and holds your best interests at heart."

Your higher self lives in a space free of ego and holds your best interests at heart. They can identify what will truly serve your greater good, beyond superficial measures of short-term success.

Their advice and insights may differ from what you expect or want to hear. But whatever guidance they provide will keep you aligned with your truth, even if this means that you change your life direction.

4. What life lessons are my past experiences trying to teach me, and how can I apply them to my present and future?

You will continue to receive a life lesson until you learn it. When life doesn't go to plan, you may dismiss the experience as a failure and a waste of time. But as you process your emotions - and all emotions are valid, as I always remind you - remember to look beyond them to find the wisdom and lessons learned.

"You will continue to receive a life lesson until you learn it."

They will ultimately support your growth. This brings me to the next question to ask your higher self.

5. What is one belief or assumption that limits me?

All of our long-term beliefs reside in the subconscious mind. You can become more consciously aware of your beliefs by examining your assumptions and reactions to life's ups and downs.

But the belief system is not always easily accessed or understood. Your higher self can help reveal your deeper subconscious beliefs that lie below the surface of conscious awareness and can also show you which beliefs support you and which ones are holding you back.

6. What can you tell me or show me to help me break down or break through this limiting belief?

As most of our beliefs are formed by the age of 8, you can think of a limiting belief like an old app that you installed years ago that used to work well but now malfunctions. It refuses to update and crashes frequently.

Limiting beliefs are like an old app. on your phone that used to work but now crashes and cannot be updated

Once you become aware of an outdated belief, you may not be ready to release it. Or you may not know how; just like a buggy app on your smartphone, you can't find a way to deinstall it yourself.

Again, you can ask for help from your higher self to show you how to remove any block or limiting belief. They will be able to show you how to heal and release and do so peacefully.

7. How can you help me overcome my fear of "x"?

F.E.A.R. - false evidence appearing real. We all live with subconscious limiting beliefs, but we are all consciously aware of some of our fears. With both subconscious limits and conscious worries, again, you can ask for help from your higher self.

And sometimes you may not need practical advice; you simply need emotional support. Your higher self is always available to support you.

And remember, the vast majority of our fears do not have the catastrophic consequences we imagine.

8. What is the next best step for me to take in 3D reality?

The options we have every day are endless, and whenever we choose one, we say no to 100 others. When you consider all the possibilities, it can be overwhelming. By checking in with your higher self to ask them what is the best next step for you, you can stop second-guessing yourself and confirm that your daily choices align with your lifelong purpose.

And if this is not your first time communicating with your higher self, you can also ask the following two questions:

9. How have I grown and changed since the last time we communicated?

This gives you new information and also shows that you are growing and evolving in 3D time-space.

10. What knowledge or wisdom am I ready to know that you can now share with me?

There may be times when you ask your higher self a question, and they do not give you a complete or entirely clear answer.

Your higher self may know that your search for the answer is part of the journey you need to take.

Or it may be that you are not ready to know the answer because you are still holding on to an idea of your life and future that is not your truth. So check in every time you communicate with your higher self and see what they reveal to you.

Final Thoughts

Just as all answers lie inside us because our higher self is connected to us, we will only hear the truth once we resonate with our truth. So continue to commune with your higher self, especially when you are feeling lost or need some form of hope to continue. And, remember: the times when you may feel at a dead end, you are actually just about to turn a corner. Your higher self is always available to you whenever you need support and guidance.

You can also explore the work I've done to access the higher self in the playlist below.

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