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6 Common Blocks to Astral Projection and Tips to Overcome Them

Even if you have been practicing astral projection for some time, you may find that you are unable to overcome a block. No matter how hard you try, you can't get past a certain point. I generally see the same six issues come up over again. Read on to learn about the most common challenges and the solutions to overcome each one.

Astral Projection Body

1. Fear Takes Over

Fear, like all strong emotions, will interrupt both your relaxation and your ability to free the astral body. Consider how fear feels for you. Does it feel heavy and weighty, making you more aware of the physical body? Or does it feel fast and anxious, as if you have butterflies in your stomach?

However fear manifests to you, there is always an expression of the emotion in your body. This keeps you attached to your physical body, making it impossible to separate your astral body. And you also probably know how disruptive fear can be to your focus.

Here are a few tips to stay calm during your astral projection practice.

Remember: we are all energy

Remember that we are all energy, and experiencing the astral realm is a natural expression of one level of our existence. Practice regularly and you will feel more and more at ease.

Use psychic protection: an amulet or a mantra

If you are afraid of losing control, you can also surround yourself with symbols of protection. Wear an amulet that repels energy and negative entities, and also a talisman, a symbol of the energy you wish to attract. Both of these help protect your energy and your surrounding space.

Observe any vibrations with detachment

Fear may also kick in at the vibrational state. Instead of focusing on the vibrations, imagine that they are happening around you rather than to you. For myself, I imagine the vibrations happening in the surface beneath me, almost like earth tremors. I find this helpful as it allows me to observe the sensations rather than become overwhelmed by them.

Calm your emotional state by keeping the breath steady and slow, and then re-focus your attention on your exit.

Repeat a mantra

If your fear relates to negative entities, you can repeat a mantra, as I mention in another blog article. My experience shows me that even though there are different realities, the entities that inhabit those realities still respect physical boundaries in 3D reality.

So for your first few astral projections, stand at the doorway to your room, and repeat a mantra such as "I permit only the highest beings with my highest good at heart to enter". Once you exit, practice navigating with your astral body within your room. As you build confidence, you can go any distance in your astral adventures.

And remember, like attracts like. If you start the session with a positive mindset, you will attract the same.

2. Focus on the Outcome Instead of the Practice

Another common theme I see in comments on my channel is a focus on the goal rather than the process. Commitment or intention can slowly become frustration and attachment to the outcome.

More specifically, there are two big mistakes: first, there are expectations. These imply a focus on the future rather than the present moment. The second part of an attachment to an outcome is that emotions come into play again. Anticipation of success means desire. Anticipation of failure leads to fear or frustration.

"Anticipation of success translates into emotions of desire and want. Anticipation of failure leads to fear or frustration. Both mean you are looking ahead instead of focusing on the present moment"

The way to success lies in letting go: letting go of the outcome and letting go of emotions. I know that this can feel like a contradiction. You are practicing because you want to experience astral projection. But if you can focus on each step and each breath rather than what may happen next, you will absolutely set yourself up for success.

And if you have been practicing over and over and feel you are getting frustrated and impatient, that's a sign to take a break.

How to begin your practice

Start each astral projection practice by acknowledging your emotions and allow yourself to release them.

Consciously replace frustration or want and instead set an intention.

Release expectations of any outcome and approach each practice with curiosity.

And use the breath as a reminder to take each moment as it comes. I utilize the breath to help you remain in an emotionally neutral state in this Beginner's Astral Projection Hypnosis.

3. Difficulty Relaxing or Lack of Focus

Astral projection requires the brain waves to slow to theta state. Theta state is considered the gateway to the metaphysical world. While theta state can be achieved through various methods, generally, relaxation is going to be the best approach for astral projection. This also allows for all physical sensations to fade and the astral body to exit more easily.

If you are having difficulty relaxing due to distractions in your external environment, then aim to make your space as quiet as possible. Listen indoors, not outdoors. Ensure that you turn off any other devices except the one you need to listen to one of my astral projection hypnosis sessions. Close windows or blinds as it is generally easier to enter theta state in a darker environment. Use noise cancelling headphones to tune out noises from your surrounding environment.

If you struggle to concentrate for longer periods, one of my longer sessions may not work for you at first. Start with my Astral Projection Hypnosis for Beginners as this session purposefully cycles through shorter rounds of relaxation and activation of the astral body to help you keep you focused. Like any muscle, your "mind muscle" will improve.

It is better to practice regularly for shorter sessions instead of infrequently for longer sessions. This will help you build up your levels of focus.

4. Brain-Body Restlessness

Do you experience involuntary body twitches or itches? Is it only when you try to relax that your body suddenly becomes very restless, or do you need to swallow more than usual? If so, these are actually signs that you are making progress.

However, these involuntary reflex movements can absolutely block you from ultimate success so I wrote this Astral Projection Hypnosis with Extended Relaxation in which I utilize these body movements as triggers to deepen relaxation until they stop altogether.

You can also repeat any mantra silently to use the twitches to your benefit. For example: "Every twitch and itch will pass quickly and will serve to send me deeper into relaxation". You can create any mantra with your own choice of words. Simply ensure that it resonates for you.

5. Practicing at the Wrong Time of Day or Night

Everyone has a preferred time of day or night, but for best results, especially if you struggle to relax, try setting your alarm for 2 to 3 hours before you usually wake. Avoid stimulants like caffeine or alcohol the day of your practice. Keep your phone nearby to move as little as possible after you wake, and begin listening to your preferred astral projection hypnosis session. Experiment with different times of day and night until you find the time that works for you.

6. Lack of Commitment to Astral Projection Practice

Life expands or contracts according to our beliefs.

From time to time, I come across comments on my astral projection videos where people are both disbelieving and uncommitted. They don't prepare properly or don't seem to understand what astral projection is, often confusing it for lucid dreaming.

Do your preparation up front, as I describe in this article with 7 steps you should take even before you start you practice. Just as with anything new, it may take practice.

Final Thoughts

I hope these tips serve you well in your astral projection practice.

More than anything, be aware of the energy, emotion and mindset you bring to each of your astral projection practice sessions. Follow the steps above regularly. Wishing you success! I look forward to supporting you on your next astral adventure.

And Now: Let's Practice

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