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Pause, Breathe, Relax...

Know that, from this point forward, you do not need to take the journey through life alone; you are always guided and supported by Sarah from Unlock Your Life.

Whatever your needs, with over 200 hypnotherapy sessions, guided meditations and affirmations, you can find the MP3 just for you

Whether you wish to retrain your brain to achieve a healthy weight, go through deeper healing and release limiting beliefs; rebuild self-esteem or dive deep and explore the spiritual side of hypnosis.

Or simply find calm again and get a good night's sleep again.  Find the perfect MP3 for you here.

 Latest MP3 Releases

Rapid Rewiring For Self-Esteem and Confidence with the Superconscious 

Rapid Rewiring For Self-Esteem and Confidence with the Superconscious 

Part 2 of my Rapid Healing and Rewiring Series for self-esteem and confidence. This is a natural follow-on from the Rapid Healing of Self-Esteem which spends more time looking for and healing the origins of self-esteem. Again this works with the power of the Superconscious, combining with your subconscious and the power of my words. This hypnosis session performs another review to remove any remaining blocks and heal any other wounds impacting self-esteem, but then spends more time rewiring to embed self-esteem than healing the causes.


1.5 Hours



Astral Projection Hypnosis for Beginners
Astral Projection Hypnosis for Beginners

If you struggle to focus for long periods or experience conscious mind interference such as body twitches and itches, this session is designed to help you. This hypnotic experience uses active relaxation to occupy the body and mind then activating the astral body, keeping you both relaxed and focused. There is also extra support to detach the astral body if you find that you only achieve partial success.


25 mins



Guided Sleep Talk Down with White Noise and White Space to Clear Your Mind
Guided Sleep Talk Down with White Noise and White Space to Clear Your Mind

Fall asleep fast with this gentle sleep talkdown and background of white noise. No mental effort required,; simply allow my words to guide you into deepest relaxation and declutter your mind before sending you off to sleep and sweet dreams.


30 mins



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The Power of Hypnotherapy

Did you know that in a normal waking state your subconscious is typically read only?


 Hypnotherapy allows the mind to enter read-write state so that you can update any limiting, unhelpful or even harmful beliefs and habits and release toxic emotions.

You can read more about how it changed a decade long issue in just 4 sessions here

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Think Yourself Slim 7 Day Weight Loss Program

Each Day Provides

1 Hypnotherapy MP3
1 Affirmations MP3
1 Coaching MP3
7 Days Weight Loss Affirmations Think Yourself Slim
Total 21 MP3s
7 Days Coaching Think Yourself Slim Program

Instant download

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