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with the Power of Hypnosis and Guided Meditation

Know that, from this point forward, you do not need to take the journey through life alone; you are always guided and supported by
Sarah from Unlock Your Life.

Whatever your needs, with over 200 hypnotherapy sessions, guided meditations and affirmations, you can find the MP3 you need to support your healing and growth at all levels, in mind, body, soul and spirit.

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Cutting Cords Meditation; Release Past Relationships

Cutting Cords Meditation; Release Past Relationships

Whether a positive or toxic relationship has ended, the connections - or cords.- from that person can keep you feeling stuck and can limit your future freedom. Maybe you find yourself still behaving or thinking in a way as if they were still present. Or perhaps you feel that you are still not finished with that relationship. In this session you not only cut cords to end what has passed, but also rebuild your sense of self, as you re-energize your solar plexus chakra and heart energy. You also have the chance to say anything you wish you had said as the relationship was ending.

58 mins


Manifest Dream Life, Remove Blocks, Shift Mindset to Abundance

Manifest Dream Life, Remove Blocks, Shift Mindset to Abundance

An abundant life begins with an abundant mindset. To change your external world you must first shift your inner state. So in this session you travel across and through dimensions, returning to a pure state of consciousness, and meet your higher self. In this space, you go through purification of lower level beliefs and emotions. You then connect to the consciousness of your higher self and receive their healing to remove blocks. In the final state of this meeting of minds, you receive guidance and answers to questions.

1 hr 15 mins


Astral Projection Hypnosis (Meditation) and Guidance

Astral Projection Hypnosis (Meditation) and Guidance

This meditation uses hypnotic techniques to both accelerate the astral body activation and your relaxation to be able to enter theta state. Theta state is the brainwave state in which we can perceive parallel realities. This audio contains a 10 minute exercise which you can use as a standalone to improve your astral projection practice. Follow the steps and practice regularly to train your brain, energy and body to achieve an out of body experience.

45 mins


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The Power of Hypnotherapy

Did you know that in a normal waking state your subconscious is typically read only and not open to change?
Hypnotherapy allows the mind to enter read-write state so that you can update any limiting, unhelpful or even harmful beliefs and habits and release toxic emotions.

You can read more about how it changed a decade long issue in just 4 sessions.

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