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Whatever your needs, Unlock Your Life's affirmations, meditations and hypnotherapy sessions are here to support you, with over 100 MP3s organized by collection such as sleep, spiritual hypnosis and self-esteem.  Each script is unique; created and narrated by Sarah Dresser, Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.H, C.Cht

Whether you wish to retrain your brain to achieve a healthy weight, go through deeper healing; explore the spiritual side of hypnosis, or simply meditate for calm and get a good night's sleep, you can find something to help you here.  

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Did you know that in a normal waking state your subconscious is typically "read only".  Hypnotherapy allows the mind to enter "read-write" state so that you can update any limiting, unhelpful or even harmful beliefs and habits and release toxic emotions

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Use the power of your subconscious, over 90% of your total brain power to retrain your brain out of emotional eating, over-eating, reprogramming your mind to a slim mindset

Each Day Provides
1 Hypnotherapy MP3
1 Affirmations MP3
1 Coaching MP3
Total 21 MP3s

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Meditation Journals

If you're struggling to make meditation a daily habit, try out the Meditation Side Kick Journal and Morning Sidekick Journal to make meditation a daily habit

Sarah's Favourite Journals

Sarah personally uses both the Meditation Sidekick Journal and Morning Sidekick Journal to start the day off with focus and calm.  Look inside here! 

For Newbies and Regular Meditators

Whether you are new to meditation or find that you are not practicing as regularly as you would like, the Meditation Sidekick Journal provides you with structure, accountability and simplicity. 

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Retrain Your Brain for Calm

Pair with any Unlock Your Life meditation and together you have two powerful tools to accelerate retraining your brain for calm and making meditation a habit - for life!

Affordable Self-Care

Starting at less then $20 per journal you can choose from the Meditation Journal, Sleep Journal, Gratitude Journal, Morning Journal and more! And you can choose to pay in one of 7 currencies to know exactly how much each one costs.  

* prices are in US Dollars

** results not guaranteed

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