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Whatever your needs, Unlock Your Life's affirmations, meditations and hypnotherapy sessions are here to support you, with over 100 MP3s organized by collection such as sleep, spiritual hypnosis and self-esteem.  Each script is unique; created and narrated by Sarah Dresser, Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.H, C.Cht

Whether you wish to retrain your brain to achieve a healthy weight, go through deeper healing; explore the spiritual side of hypnosis, or simply meditate for calm and get a good night's sleep, you can find something to help you here.  

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Root Chakra Grounding Meditation

Feel again! This sacral chakra healing meditation allows you to get in touch with your physical body, your sensuality and creativity again. This guides you through travelling to your sacral chakra space, in your lower belly and rebalancing the sacral chakra.  Feel love of life and joy again with this healing sacral chakra meditation

Length 37 mins

I am Safe, I am Supported, I am  Healing Affirmations

These affirmations are designed to help remind you that you are safe, supported, secure and protected. These affirmations support healing to those who suffered from anxiety or have past trauma or neglect too, to break out of any unhealthy "freeze" response and re-engage, mind and body

Length 18 mins

It takes 7 positive thoughts to balance out a negative one. We all have a negativity bias so this powerful hypnotherapy session reprograms the brain to a more balanced state  As you fill up with positive energy you create a psychic shield which protects you and repels negativity including negative news and toxic people. Finally, you release any negative beliefs about yourself

Length 53 mins

4 Directions Meditation with Shamanic Guidance

This meditation uses a shamanic technique to learn from each of the 4 directions: east to let go of what is sunsetting, west for new beginnings, north to find guidance and south to find reassurance and warmth

Length 25 mins

Healing White Light Meditation

You are guided with the support of your spirit or angel of winter who channels white light through you to transmute all darkness, all toxicity, all illness into light, leaving behind only healthy beliefs, healthy body, and a healthy self-image.  This also contains chakra healing and unblocking to allow the light to flow freely through all your meridians. 

Length 1 hr

Sacral Chakra Healing Meditation, Feel JOY in Life Again

Feel again! This sacral chakra healing meditation allows you to get in touch with your physical body, your sensuality and creativity again. This guides you through travelling to your sacral chakra space, in your lower belly and rebalancing the sacral chakra.  Feel love of life and joy again with this healing sacral chakra meditation

Length 37 mins

Heart Chakra Healing Meditation, A Conversation with the Heart

 In this healing meditation you are guided into the heart space where you speak with your heart, to learn what it / you need to release, what is holding you back, where you need to heal and how you can live a more wholehearted life.  You re-emerge with a strong sense of self-love and self-esteem

Length 50 mins

Meditation and Affirmations for Self Compassion,Quiet the Inner Critic

In this meditation you face a mirror image of yourself and go through exercises and affirmations to cultivate self-compassion.  Do this daily for 21 days and notice the changes, the improvement in self-kindness

Length 20 mins

Banish the Inner Critic

In hypnosis you meet your inner critic and discover if you can coach them into being more positive or, if they decide to remain negative, you are empowered to send them away for good. You are then guided into rewiring your brain for positive thinking and beliefs that support your wellbeing, peace of mind and hopes for the future.

Length 45 mins

Meet Your Legion of Guides

Sleep Meditation

Meet guides that give advice, gifts or messages related to love, relationships, abundance, focus and career and more.  And receive a welcome surprise at the end

Length 50 mins

Reclaim Your Power! Solar Plexus Healing Meditation

Reclaim your power! This healing meditation works at all levels including the energetic, any childhood imprints and removes limiting beliefs about what it means to own your personal power. This healing meditation guides you through balancing and re-energizing the solar plexus chakra, your centre of personal power.

Length 40 mins

Guided Meditation to Meet with Mother Earth / Goddess Gaia

There is so much to learn from nature. In this guided meditation / hypnosis you come face to face with Goddess Gaia / Mother Nature herself. Find out the key messages and lessons you can gain from Nature.  She guides you through healing and growth and blesses the seeds of planting new hopes and dreams

Length 1 hr 20 mins

Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration

Designed to help you recognize your inner light and help you ascend to higher vibrations and emotions, these affirmations remind you of the bright light you carry inside

Length 11 mins

Dissolve Into Light

Recreate Yourself at ALL Levels

We get so accustomed to living with subconscious limitations, even pain, that it can be a challenge to imagine a better life, a life of freedom.  Explore what freedom feels like and looks like in this powerful healing hypnosis where you dissolve into light then reform thoughts, emotions and your physical self

Length 1  hour

Rapid Healing While You Sleep at all Levels Hypnosis

This session takes you through 20 minutes of relaxation to prepare mind and body to be open to healing.  You then go through multiple levels of healing at physical, emotional, spiritual and other levels

Length 1 hr 30 mins

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