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with the Power of Hypnosis and Guided Meditation

Know that, from this point forward, you do not need to take the journey through life alone; you are always guided and supported by
Sarah from Unlock Your Life.

Whatever your needs, with over 200 hypnotherapy sessions, guided meditations and affirmations, you can find the MP3 you need to support your healing and growth at all levels, in mind, body, soul and spirit.

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Release Limiting Beliefs Under the Healing Waterfall

Release Limiting Beliefs Under the Healing Waterfall

In this healing meditation you travel through a tropical rainforest until you come across a pool with a healing waterfall. As you descend the steps and swim into the pool, you feel that the healing water's respond to your own energy and begin to peacefully dislodge and dissolve limiting beliefs, even those you have had stored since you were a child. Allow this peaceful meditation to help release the burdens and expectations that you do not need to carry anymore.

1 hour 10 mins

Release Limiting Beliefs Blocking Goals and Deams

Release Limiting Beliefs Blocking Goals and Deams

This can be considered the second half of the hypnosis session in which you receive guidance to help you find life direction, better understand your purpose and discover your gifts. With greater clarity, you set out on a new adventure, this time to the centre of the island, where you discover an Inca ruin in which there are rooms that contain your limiting beliefs. With the support of your higher self you discover and release each one.

1 hour 10 mins

All Night Chronic Fatigue Healing Hypnosis

All Night Chronic Fatigue Healing Hypnosis

This all night healing hypnosis is designed to help you heal both symptoms and cause(s) of chronic illness and chronic fatigue, and to give you a good night's sleep. This extended healing session tackles the many different sources of chronic illness, whether due to a previous accident or illness, emotional and psychological causes, issues passed down through generations and more. Listen for at least 30 days.

8 hours

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The Power of Hypnotherapy

Retrain Your Brain; Unlock Your Life

Did you know that in a normal waking state your subconscious is typically read only and not open to change?
Hypnotherapy allows the mind to enter read-write state so that you can update any limiting, unhelpful or even harmful beliefs and habits and release toxic emotions.

You can read more about how it changed a decade long issue in just 4 sessions here

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