Spiritual Hypnosis and Meditations

Spiritual hypnosis and guided meditation MP3s from Unlock Your Life include astral projection, lucid dreaming, meeting your spirit guide, past life regression and sessions to help you become your higher self

Guided Meditation to Meet with Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia to Receive Key Messages,Gifts and Healing

There is so much to learn from nature. In this guided meditation / hypnosis you come face to face with Goddess Gaia / Mother Nature herself. Find out the key messages and lessons you can gain from Nature. As you meet her, she guides you through several stages of healing and growth. She shows you how you too can learn from nature in many ways, as you go through releasing past pain and what has ended, planting new seeds of hopes and dreams. Learn from the animal and plant world what qualities you need to embody to be more authentically you. And remember, you can only receive the messages that are already within you..

Length 1 hr 20 mins

Healing Circle Meditation with Shaman and Guides

This is one of the deepest dives yet into the subconscious to reclaim orphaned, shadow parts of self.  Throughout you are accompanied by three unique guides and throw what is no longer needed into the fire.  Heal and become whole again

Length 1 hr 10 mins

4 Directions Meditation with Shamanic Guidance

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE MP3. Embrace change with this powerful meditation.  You walk into a grassy sacred space where a shaman meets you.  You are then guided through a ceremony where you face each of the directions and learn from each one: east to take on new beginnings, west to let go of what is ending, south to find warmth and comfort to carry on and north to find our inner guidance. Finally the shaman reveals a special message or gift for you

Length 24 mins

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Hypnosis (2 MP3s)

Both fall asleep and count-up versions are available in this release.  This reminds you that you are important in this universe.  You receive healing light energy, then go outside and connect with the universe for a DNA upgrade. This includes the count up and fall asleep versions

Length 1 x  1 hr 10 mins

1 x 1 hr

Chakra Healing While You Sleep

On a hilltop a rainbow slowly forms and starts to rise, bathing you one by one in its healing light.  Heal anxiety, insecurity find your voice and connect to the divine in this meditation**

Length 1 hour

Astral Projection Hypnosis Fractionation Method

This is a beginner's astral projection session using a hypnosis technique called fractionation, which takes you through rounds of relaxation then energizing self.  Think of this like rolling over waves: in turn going through deep relaxation then elevating to excitement to generate vibrations to activate the astral self**

Length 1 hr

Astral Projection Ball of Light and Magnetic Pull Exit Method

This is a session for beginners and those who are in regular practice and who are more visually stimulated.  This uses the ball of light technique to distract and ultimately leave the physical self, and also utilizes the magnetic pull exit technique** 

Length 1 hr 35 mins

Discover Your Psychic Abilities Level 3 Third Eye Activation

Level 3 takes you even further: to explore your psychic abilities and then to actually dissolve the physical self and sit in the third eye space as pure energy

Length 54 mins

Enter a Lucid Dream, Become Your Own Superhero / Higher Self

We sometimes cannot imagine our greatest self in our current reality so this uses our natural imagination and our heroes and gives you messaging that all the amazing experiences and feelings that you have as your own hero / goddess / icon will flow over into your waking everyday life

Length 45 mins

Lucid Dreaming / OBE Hypnosis

This uses a blend of techniques to ultimately "melt" reality transforming it to a dream reality using the "point and change" technique and fractionation to alternately relax then elevate awareness as you enter the dream state

Length 49 mins

Sleep in the Safety of Your 4 Angels Meditation

This is the perfect session if you feel uneasy or anxious especially at night  You are visited by four of your angels (guides), each of which has a mission, to bring you peace, love, hope or protection.  During this meditation you also get to speak with Source, God, whatever your preferred word, and throughout you are given imagery to relax you, give you peace of mind and send you off to sleep

Length 1 hr

Meet Your Legion of Guides

This guided meditation gives step-by-step instruction on entering a deep meditative state, and guidance on how to ensure you protect yourself whilst looking for your guide or angel within the realm of lucid dreaming**  Please note the music contains binaural beats.

Length 55 mins

Access Higher Consciousness

This takes you through dissolving the illusion of self to experience timelessness and oneness.  Within this free state you will be able to release lower level emotions, elevate your vibration and experience a sense of calm and peace

Length 45 mins

Sleep Hypnosis Find Your Higher Purpose

After deep relaxation you ascend a staircase and meet your guide or angel.  You pose your questions and co-create your answers with regards to your mission / higher purpose in life**

Length 40 mins

Intro to Astral Projection

This is an introductory session to astral projection, and an ideal session if you are new to the experience or have never tried it before.  This emphasizes, first and foremost, your protection and safety throughout and reminds you to send out only good intentions on your journey**

Length 50 mins

Chakra Healing and Energizing Meditation

This meditation goes through each chakra and gives you time to energize, remove blocks and balance each one.  There are empowering affirmations to help activate each chakra.  Use this to lift yourself out of anxiety and depression, to feel more grounded and unlock self-love

Length 55 mins

Third Eye Activation Level 1

This beginner's guided meditation for third eye activation is designed for those new to the experience and includes chakra activation to maximize results.**  Each step in this session has a purpose

Length 1 hr 10 mins

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

If you have been curious to try out past life regression, this introductory session will ease you into the experience.  There is no leading, only guidance.  At first you may experience fragments of a past life, a full recollection or nothing at all

Length 45 mins

Beginners Meditation to Induce Lucid Dreaming

This provides step by step guidance for the absolute beginner who is new to lucid dreaming, making sure you keep a sense of safety and control as you induce lucid dreaming

Length 30 mins

Meditation to Meet Your Higher Self (2 MP3s)

Whether you consider your higher self to be your best self, God, your most authentic self or some other being, this session allows you to connect and receive messages, release limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments and progress to your highest potential.  Both a longer and shorter version of this meditation are included.

Length 1 x 42 mins

1 x 25 mins

Healing White Light Meditation 

You are guided with the support of your spirit or angel of winter who channels white light through you to transmute all darkness, all toxicity, all illness into light, leaving behind only healthy beliefs, healthy body, and a healthy self-image.  This also contains chakra healing and unblocking to allow the light to flow freely through all your meridians

Length 1 hr

Meet Your Spirit Guide in a Lucid Dream

This guided meditation gives step-by-step instruction on entering a deep meditative state, and guidance on how to ensure you protect yourself whilst looking for your guide or angel within the realm of lucid dreaming**  Please note the music contains binaural beats.

Length 55 mins

Access the Akashic Records

This guided meditation gives step-by-step instruction on entering a deep meditative state, and guidance on how to ensure you protect yourself whilst looking for your guide or angel within the realm of lucid dreaming**  Please note the music contains binaural beats.

Length 35 mins

Third Eye Activation

Elevate Your Vibration

This third eye activation session uses the power of the sun to surround you in a protective glow and to raise your vibration.  As vibrations lift, the sun sets, the moon appears and catalyzes the activation of the third eye.**

Length 1 hour

Beginner's Astral Projection Hypnosis 

This is a beginner's hypnosis session for astral projection, and designed for those who experience challenges relaxing enough to release the astral self with extended relaxation to release the astral self**

Length 1 hr 37 mins

Astral Projection Rope Method

This is for those who have already successfully astral projected in the past.  Using the rope method as exit technique you imagine then create a rope to release the astral self**

Length 1 hr

Third Eye Activation Level 2

This third eye guided meditation level 2 is ideal if you are now getting results from the level 1 third eye session which includes step-by-step chakra activation and more detailed instructions.  This allows you to tune in to spirit guide / guardian angel support as you engage more in the spiritual realm**

Length 50 mins

Past Life On Other Planets Regression Hypnosis (2 MP3s)

This includes both the count up and fall asleep versions to help you discover any life on other planets, and to better understand your origins as a starseed, indigo child or general lightworker**

Length 1 x 40 mins

1 x 50 mins

Receive Messages from Your Guide  or Inner Advisor

This uses the smartphone as the visualization tool to contact your spirit guide or inner advisor to ask questions and receive answers

Length 50 mins

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