Healing Hypnosis, Affirmations and Meditations

Here you will find healing hypnotherapy, meditations and affirmations for wellbeing at all levels: mind, body and spirit.  Whether you are looking to heal chronic illness, reduce pain, or overcome past trauma by healing your inner child or find the freedom to release limiting beliefs, you will find a session to help you here in Unlock Your Life's healing MP3 collection

Rapid Healing While You Sleep at ALL Levels

This session takes you through 20 minutes of relaxation to prepare mind and body to be open to healing.  You then go through multiple levels of healing at physical, emotional, spiritual and other levels.  You do not need to be consciously aware of which levels of healing are needed as your subconscious and the superconscious wisdom combined

Length 1 hr 30 mins

Freedom from the Past and New Beginnings Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to help you fully finish up and find peace and freedom from the past at all levels in mind, body and soul; breaking old habits, cutting cords and past karma and finding wholeness in yourself in order to begin a new chapter with healthy intimate relationships, a peaceful home, stronger boundaries and to align your work to your passion in life

Length 1 hr 20 mins

Powerful Hypnosis for Positive Energy and Thinking; Plus Psychic Shield Protection Against Negativity

It takes 7 positive thoughts to balance out a negative one. We all have a negativity bias so this powerful hypnotherapy session reprograms the brain to a more balanced state.  You are guided into a state where you fill up your aura with appreciation, love and gratitude.  As you fill up with positive energy you create a psychic shield which protects you and repels negativity including negative news and toxic people. Finally, you release any negative beliefs about yourself

Length 53 mins

Fire Healing Ceremony with Shaman and Guides

Your guide leads you into a tower where there are rooms in which you reclaim various parts of you.  This healing and empowering journey culminates in the integration of your whole self with your light shining to guide others on their own path to healing

Length 50 mins

Sleep Meditation Boost Your Immune System, Heal Colds & Flu

This is an hour long sleep meditation with potent imagery to decongest airways and alleviate sinus pressure, then boost your immune system, and lower body temperature, ending with a reminder to the mind-body to eliminate infection and toxins safely and gently as you drift deeper into sleep.

Length 1 hr

Spiritual Healing after Trauma or Narcissistic Abuse

This is designed for anyone who is aware that they are suffering trauma or have gone through abuse or neglect. This guides you through reclaiming yourself at all levels: your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts and your life.  This also allows you to download healing from the soul level to this current lifetime level.  This is particularly designed for those who have endured narcissistic abuse

Length 33 mins

Release Limiting Beliefs and Subconscious Negativity

Whether old or new versions, you are guided to a healing waterfall to wash away every limitation, every aspect of false self and emerge shining as the true you

Length 45 mins

Dust and Pollen Allergies Relief (3 MP3s)

This messages your immune system to work with you, not attack you. It gives a membrane by which all allergens are kept at a distance.  Fall asleep and count up versions and bonus 10 min morning meditation included

Length 1 x34 mins

1 x 57 mins

1 x 10 mins

Migraines and Headaches Relief Healing Hypnosis

This guides you to find the centre of pain and uses guided imagery for you to release the pressure. You are in the control centre and abate all pressure and pain**

Length 30 mins

Daily Meditation and Affirmations to Connect to Your Inner Child

A simple but powerful meditation to connect to and nurture your inner child.  This also has healing affirmations to continue on the good work done in the Inner Child Healing Meditations Parts 1 and 2

Length 17 mins

Rapid EMOTIONAL Healing While You Sleep; Release Trapped Emotions

If you know my work at all, you will have heard me say: all emotions are valid.  Yet from an early age we receive messaging that we are not permitted to express all we feel: men are not allowed to show grief and hurt, women are told that anger is not feminine, children are told to be seen and not heard.  What is not expressed becomes repressed, literally stored up in our mind-body, leading to emotional outbursts, chronic illness or numbing.  Release what needs to be expressed safely and gently with this powerful healing session

Length 1 hr 30 mins

Accelerated Cellular Healing and Renewal Healing Hypnosis

This deep healing hypnosis and guided meditation activates and accelerates healthy cell renewal.  You are first guided through a thorough mind and body relaxation as you feel a virtual melting of all muscles as you go deeper into trance state or sleep.  A channel opens and a beam of light is sent down through your crown, that sends healing wave energy, that unites with your own breathing and healing waves

Length 1 hr

Let's Unite in Healing

Even at a distance, we are connected.  This meditation begins with focus on you and showers you with self-compassion.  As you then receive healing energy, your sphere of loving, healing energy expands to others in your home, further away, strangers and, eventually, the world.  As you connect to the network of healing, everything that came into being is blessed

Length 52 mins

Fire Healing Ceremony with Shaman and Guides

This is one of the deepest dives yet into the subconscious to reclaim orphaned, shadow parts of self.  Throughout you are accompanied by three unique guides and throw what is no longer needed into the fire.  Heal and become whole again.

Length 1 hr 15 mins

Build Self-Love While You Sleep

Heal the Inner Child Meditation

This healing hypnosis / meditation session reintegrates all parts of your child self with your adult self.  All of us experience rejection and as a result we hide, repress or, worse still, fragment our true self and feel less than "enough" as a result.  This session will give you back the joy of your child self coupled with the wisdom of your adult self to allow you to feel whole again

Length 1 hr 15 mins

Transform Self-Sabotage to Success

This hypnotherapy session allows you to identify the pattern of emotions, beliefs, and actions that lead you to self-sabotage.  You then trace the feelings back in time to the first time you carried these out and you then provide your younger self with everything they need to be able to release the limiting belief and sabotaging behaviour

Length 45 mins

Pain Relief Hypnotherapy

Reconnect Mind and Body

This gives you immediate pain relief by focusing on the most at ease, pain-free part of your body and spreading that feeling to dissolve pain.  The second part takes you through reuniting mind and body and listening to your body

Length 50 mins

100+ Healing Affirmations

These 100+ healing affirmations get you on the path to health.  You are encouraged to visualize, feel and then become the healthy you again

Length 18 mins

Healing the Inner Child Part 1

In part 1 you meet your inner child and establish trust.  You play together. You receive an important message from your child self, something your adult self needs to know.  You start the process of healing

Length 37 mins

Deepest Healing Meditation with Your Angel of the Ocean

This POWERFUL sleep meditation is designed to remove blocks, release limiting beliefs and unlock the potential in YOU to believe AND realize your dreams, all with the aid of your guide or angel who emerges from the ocean. You are then guided through a deeper release of physical, mental and other pain and burdens. Once freed up, liquid light energy pours into you and you then receive the answer to your key question.  Awake or asleep, this will benefit you

Length 1 hr 20 mins

Guided Meditation to Meet with Mother Earth,Goddess Gaia to Receive Key Messages, Gifts and Healing

There is so much to learn from nature. In this guided meditation / hypnosis you come face to face with Goddess Gaia / Mother Nature herself. Find out the key messages and lessons you can gain from Nature. As you meet her, she guides you through several stages of healing and growth. She shows you how you too can learn from nature in many ways, as yo go through releasing past pain and what has ended, planting new seeds of hopes and dreams

Length 1 hr 20 mins

Dissolve Into Light; Recreate Yourself at ALL Levels

We get so accustomed to living with subconscious limitations, even pain, that it can be a challenge to imagine a better life, a life of freedom.  Explore what freedom feels like and looks like in this powerful healing hypnosis where you dissolve into light then reform thoughts, emotions and your physical self

Length 1 hr

Healing White Light Meditation

You are guided with the support of your spirit or angel of winter who channels white light through you to transmute all darkness, all toxicity, all illness into light, leaving behind only healthy beliefs, healthy body, and a healthy self-image.  This also contains chakra healing and unblocking to allow the light to flow freely through all your meridians

Length 1 hr

Healing Hands, Healing Light Guided Meditation

This takes you through a virtual massage to loosen and relax the body and mind. You then are surrounded by light and you and your guardian healer exchange energy to heal any dis-ease at the physical, mental or spiritual levels

Length 1 hr

Cold and Flu Medical Healing Hypnosis

This uses guided imagery to soothe inflammation, clear mucus and congestion, allow you to breathe better, and to boost your immune system

Length 16 mins

Heal Your Mind-Body Affirmations (2 MP3s)

These affirmations allow you to release all that is blocking you from health.  These guide you through giving love and healing light as well as gratitude to accelerate healing at all levels.  There are 2 MP3s including an exclusive Members only extended version not available on Youtube.

Length 1 x 20 mins

1 x 30 mins

Heal Your Body Meditation with Pain Relief

This works at not just one but two levels.  Knowing that the brain can emit pain after the illness is gone, this tackles all that is needed to banish chronic illness and the associated pain**

Length 44 mins

Healing the Inner Child Part 2

Part 2 builds on the foundation of part 1.  You complete any release of past hurt or trauma.  You take your child self to a safe home.  You integrate adult and child selves to become whole.  You unite with a circle of healed adults and children

Length 50 mins

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