The chakras are at the very core of our existence, physically and in mind and spirit.  When one chakra is out of alignment, stagnant, blocked or over-stimulate and, it will affect us at all levels of our existence.  The very word "chakra" means spinning wheel of energy and they allow all energy to move through us.  It shows us we are alive!  When our chakras are in balance, it means all other healing and growth is more easily attained, as the chakras are the conduits and catalysts within us

Sacral Chakra Healing Meditation, Feel JOY in Life Again

This meditation allows you to get in touch with your physical body, your sensuality and creativity again. This guides you through travelling to your sacral chakra space, in your lower belly and rebalancing the sacral chakra.  Feel love of life and joy again with this healing sacral chakra meditation

Length 37 mins

Heart Chakra Healing Meditation, A Conversation with the Heart, Renew Self-Love and Self -Esteem

In this healing meditation you are guided into the heart space where you speak with your heart, to learn what it / you need to release, what is holding you back, where you need to heal and how you can live a more wholehearted life

Length 50 mins

Reclaim Your Power! Solar Plexus Healing Meditation

Reclaim your power! This healing meditation works at all levels including the energetic, any childhood imprints and removes limiting beliefs about what it means to own your personal power. This healing meditation guides you through balancing and re-energizing the solar plexus chakra, your centre of personal power

Length 40 mins

I am Safe, I am Supported

Healing Affirmations (Root Chakra)

These affirmations are designed to help remind you that you are safe, supported, secure and protected. These affirmations support healing to those who suffered from anxiety or have past trauma or neglect too, to break out of any unhealthy "freeze" response and re-engage, mind and body

Length 18 mins

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