Confidence, Self-Esteem and Identity

Confidence comes from accepting the true you and all that makes you unique.  Learn to accept all aspects of yourself and believe you deserve the best in your own self-talk and also in your relationships

Guided Meditation to Build Self-Love and Self Compassion

In this meditation to build self love and self compassion to learn to be kind to yourself. This is a gentle meditation that takes time to build up trust in the process of opening up to self love and it also addresses all the false beliefs which lead you to reject or criticize yourself, quieting the inner critical voice.  As you create acceptance for yourself, you help someone else create a space for themselves in the world too

Length 55 mins

Mountain Meditation

Develop Inner Strength, Resilience

Sometimes sitting with what is becomes the greatest act of courage.  In stillness you are guided to be the like the mountain: strong, steadfast and confident that this till shall pass as you cultivate resilience to withstand the toughest times

Length 20 mins

Release Limiting Beliefs and Subconscious Negativity (3 MP3s)

Both old and new version take you on a journey to a healing waterfall to wash away any limiting and negative beliefs; embrace the true you

Length 1 x 1hr 10 mins

1 x 50 mins

1 x 25 mins

I Am Worthy

A daily reminder of your worth in short concise affirmations.  Complementary but still different to the Affirmations for Self-Belief and Self-Worth

Length 10 mins

The Power of No

Many of us were raised as people pleasers and as a result, ignore our own needs.  This meditation reminds you  to listen to your needs

Length 16 mins

Setting Boundaries Meditation

This meditation teaches you to protect your personal space and time, practice assertiveness, and guides you to write your rules of respect

Length 45 mins

Banish the Inner Critic

In hypnosis you meet your inner critic and discover if you can coach them into being more positive or, if they decide to remain negative, you are empowered to send them away for good. You are then guided into rewiring your brain for positive thinking and beliefs that support your wellbeing, peace of mind and hopes for the future

Length 45 mins

Build Self-Love While You Sleep

Heal the Inner Child Meditation

This healing hypnosis session reintegrates all parts of your child self with your adult self.  All of us experience rejection and as a result we hide, repress or, worse still, fragment our true self and feel less than "enough" as a result.  This session will give you back the joy of your child self coupled with the wisdom of your adult self to allow you to feel whole again

Length 1 hr 15 mins

Affirmations for Self-Belief And Self-Worth

These affirmations give you strength in your uniqueness. They remind you to embrace what makes you one of a kind

Length 24 mins

Affirmations for Self-Love and Selfl Confidence

Attract the Best Relationships

These affirmations remind you that self-love is constant, not dependent on your achievements, or events.  These remind you that you are worthy of the best relationships that love you for who you are

Length 15 mins

Affirmations for Respect and Self-Worth and Positive Relationships

All healthy relationships start with self.  These affirmations emphasize the need for self-respect and self-worth as a basis for all positive relationships with others

Length 9 mins

Meet and Become Your Future Self

Your future self has many different versions, all changing depending on the choices you make and mindset you take on right now.  Each time you listen to this you may learn some new insight to guide you. Not only do you gain key insights from your future self, but you also get to experience life as your future self!  The future starts in this present moment; make the most of it

Length 1 hour

Transform Self-Sabotage to Success

This is designed for you to, first; identify what are the patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour and then; to follow those feelings and thought patterns back in time to when they first appeared in your life.  Once you uncover the first time this happens we will go through healing imagery to undo the unhelpful habits and limiting thought patterns 

Length 45 mins

Sleep Hypnosis for Confidence

This is based on my belief that true confidence can only come from both knowing and accepting self and daring to show that truth to others

Length 50 mins

Who Am I? Guided Meditation

This meditation reminds you of who you are outside of labels and roles you live every day.  Release the false self, connect to the eternal essence of your true self

Length 28 mins

Meditation to Remove Mental Blocks and Go for Goals

This meditation puts you in the middle of the desert as you learn to navigate the unknown, make decisions, build courage and conquer obstacles to reach your goals

Length 37 mins

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