Membership FAQ

What are the 4 Gift MP3 Downloads?

Welcome MP3 Gifts to all Members at ALL levels are: Morning Gratitude Affirmations Evening Gratitude Affirmations A New Day: Find Joy, Gratitude, Calm Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration (Member Exclusive NOT available on Youtube) Return to Membership sign-up page

Which MP3s Do I Get as a $10 Sky Member?

When you sign up for the $10 Sky Membership you get every release for every month you are a paying Member in MP3 format for offline listening. For example, if you sign up on March 6th, you will get all MP3s released between March 6th and April 6th and so on until you cancel your Membership. Your MP3s are set up in a private Dropbox folder and Sarah will send you the link. Please note that any free trial Membership will not receive this until they convert to a paid Membership. Every MP3 you receive during your Membership is yours to keep for life. Return to Membership sign-up page

How Do I Use the MP3 Coupons?

At each level you get MP3 Coupons to redeem on either or You enter the code at checkout on either website. Each coupon is valid for 1 year from date of issue and has a ONE TIME use. Checkout window

What is the Additional Welcome Gift MP3 I Receive as a $10 Sky Member?

When you sign up to the $10 Sky Membership, after any trial period ends (if applicable) and once your first Membership billing goes through, you will receive an email asking you for your gift MP3 of choice. You will receive the MP3 of choice within 48 hours of signing up to become a Sky Member Please note that any free trial Membership will not receive this until they convert to a paid Membership. Return to Membership sign-up page

Can I Create My Own Playlists in the Members Video Library?

No, unfortunately not. But remember that each Member receives MP3 reward coupons 3 times a year, and you can then use the coupons to get your favourite MP3s for offline listening.
Also, the $10 Sky Members receive every release in MP3 format that is produced in each month they are a Member

Tell Me More About Early Video Access to Youtube Videos and Exclusive Member Videos

All Members will receive ad-free access to all videos in advance of release to Youtube These are hosted online and require an internet connection Every month, Sarah produces Member only videos: either coaching videos or meditation, affirmations and hypnosis sessions so every month there are exclusive Member only videos Return to Membership sign-up page

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Payment is either by Paypal or Stripe and you can use all major debit and credit cards and direct bank debit. All payment processing is absolutely secure Return to Membership sign-up page

What is the Minimum Membership Period?

There is no minimum period and you can cancel at any time Return to Membership sign-up page

How Can I Cancel My Membership?

If you set up your payments through Paypal you can cancel by accessing your Paypal account and deleting or cancelling the reocurring payment. PLEASE NOTE that Paypal does not allow any seller access to a customer's account so only the customer can cancel a reoccurring payment in Paypal
If through your credit card or debit card provider you can can cancel your order through the confirmation email that you received at the time of setting up your Membership Return to Membership Signup Page

Is Tax Added to the Membership Fee?

No. This is a service not a product and therefore tax is not applicable according to the Canadian Tax System. Sarah pays corporation tax and income tax on all earnings but you, the Member, are not required to pay any taxes because this is a service not goods. Return to Membership sign-up page

What Exclusive Merchandise Do I Get as a $10 Sky Member?

As a $10 Sky Member, after 6 months of paid Membership you will be sent an Exclusive Unlock Your Life Aromatherapy Oil Pendant or Car Diffuser. You will be sent an email automatically at the 6 month mark to get your address and confirm whether you want a pendant or car diffuser. Sarah will also receive an automatic reminder. : )

When Do I Receive My MP3 Coupon Rewards?

MP3 Coupon Rewards are issued 3 times a year on April 15th, Sep 15th and Dec 15th and are as follows: $2 Earth Members: $5 in April and Sep, and $10 in Dec ($20 per year) $5 Sea Members: $20 each in April, Sep, and Dec ($60 per year) $10 Sky Members: $30 each in April, Sep and Dec ($90 per year) Return to Membership sign-up page

What Do I Get During My Free Trial of the Membership Site?

If you opt in for a free trial period you will receive the 4 Free MP3s instantly as a thank you for trying out the Member site and you will have access to all Youtube videos ad-free, early Youtube release access, the Members only exclusive videos and access to the Members Discussion Forum. However you will not be eligible for any other rewards until you are a paying Member. This means you will not receive MP3 coupons, any merchandise, any other gift MP3 or any other benefit other than those listed above Each individual is entitled to sign up one time only for any free trial Membership. Repeat free trials are not permitted to any one individual Those who originally signed up to will be offered 1 month free Membership for a limited time and will continue to receive all previous benefits so long as there is no break in Membership Return to Membership sign-up page

Do I Get Billing Reminders During the Free TriaL

Yes! You will receive an email reminder before your free trial ends. If you need to cancel you can do so in a couple of easy clicks using the link you received when you signed up for a membership plan

As a Sky Member, When Do I Get My $10 Discount Coupon for a Journal?

The $10 discount coupon is only for Sky Members and will be sent out automatically by email in month 3 of your Membership. The coupon can be used for any journal by Habit Nest. You can see the journals they offer here Return to Membership sign-up page

Do I Get One on One Support from Sarah Dresser from Unlock Your Life?

This is a close knit community and it allows Sarah to better understand the community's needs. Many of the videos on Youtube have come from conversations or messages from Members. However, Sarah does not enter into correspondence with any one person and does not provide one on one support. This is an opportunity to enjoy the benefits which come with the Membership including a Members community. Other benefits include: MP3 downloads every month, an exclusive Members Discussion Forum, MP3 coupons 3 times a year and an exclusive Unlock Your Life aromatherapy diffuser.

How Can I Register for the Membership Site

You can pay for a Membership Plan on the sign up page and once you receive your confirmation email, you will enter the activation code contained in your email when you register on the Members site here. If you have paid for a plan but have not received your confirmation email please contact us here


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