Challenging Emotions

All emotions are valid.  Only society has labeled some acceptable and some unacceptable. What we resist, persists.  The only way to pass through challenging emotions is to accept them, understand them, to then transform them and learn from them to live in harmony with self and others

Endings and Beginnings

Embrace Change Meditation

Every season has a purpose in nature and autumn is about letting go, reflection, in order to make space for new growth in spring.  We often resist what has already ended because we are in denial or we have to face some other ending.  Letting go allows us to make space for new better beginnings.  Allow this meditation to free you up for the best still to come!

Length 45 mins

Freedom from Toxic, Dysfunctional and Negative Relationships

This gives you your power back, gives you a voice and helps you break old cycles of abuse, codependence and the toxicity of narcissistic relationships.  Find your voice, find your freedom

Length 47 mins

Guided Meditation on Regret and Self-Forgiveness

Regret can keep us trapped in the past if not processed properly.

This meditation is designed to help you gain understanding, a vocabulary, acceptance and to ultimately move beyond regret to living life again in the present and looking forward to the future.

Length 22 mins

Reconnect with Loved Ones Passed On

The second of the meditations on grief focuses on again helping and healing.  This takes you through the light to reconnect with one or more of your loved ones passed on.  You can have the conversations you need to have and when ready to leave, take with you an even greater sense of love and connection with you. Whether you have religious, spiritual or no such beliefs at all, this session may help

Length 38 mins

Develop Resilience and Inner Strength

Mountain Meditation

Sometimes sitting with what is becomes the greatest act of courage.  In stillness you are guided to be the like the mountain: strong, steadfast and confident that this till shall pass as you cultivate resilience to withstand the toughest times

Length 20 mins

Transform Self Sabotage to Success

At one time you may have learned a behaviour or belief as a survival mechanism to protect yourself in some way, physically, emotionally, even from disappointment.  This session takes you back in time to uncover your self sabotaging behaviour and heal the root cause of it, changing unhelpful beliefs to those that now

support your success

Length 45 mins

Guided Meditation on Grief for Loss of a Loved One

 This provides a safe place to release as much or as little as you want.  In today's world and pace, where so much is made public and so much is rushed, this session respects your privacy and personal experience and gently guides you to express whatever you wish, with healing imagery to provide further support.

Length 40 mins

Hypnosis for Difficult Decisions

We sometimes experience inner conflict when presented with a key decision.  This is because we are expressing different viewpoints, or parts, within us.  These may be the practical vs the emotional, the head vs the heart, the parent vs the teenager in us and so on.  This uses parts therapy from hypnotherapy to allow you to bring forward all your points of view and reconcile them to come to the best decision

Length 47 mins

Meditation for Letting Go of Past Relationships

This meditation guides you with compassion to process all that you feel from the past relationship: anger, loneliness, resentment, confusion and ultimately guides you through grief and forgiveness to free yourself.  Throughout there is guidance to help you recognize your self-worth and reclaim your power

Length 40 mins

Meditation to Overcome Fear of Failure and Perfectionism

This session guides you through uncovering and releasing the unhelpful beliefs behind the fear of failure and perfectionism.  This reframes your ideals and helps you set yourself up for high performance and happiness rather than toxic perfectionism

Length 40 mins

Meditation and Affirmations for Courage

Transform fear to courage! This includes a few minutes to calm and ground you in meditation then gently energizes you to break through the paralysis of fear, taking action and transforming fear into courage and faith.  Through the other side of fear are your dreams and goals

Length 10 mins

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