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#CreatorsforPeace Stand With Ukraine

The entire week of March 21st there is a movement on Youtube to fundraise to support Ukraine.  #CreatorsForPeace is raising awareness and funds for the displaced children in Ukraine.

Why This Matters To You and Me

Sarah Dresser, Clinical Hypnotherapist Portrait

You may know me as the creator and narrator of Unlock Your Life, and you may well have heard me say that I am here to support you. 

And I mean that. 

However, words can sometimes be cheap.  But in my case, they cost me, and quite significantly.  I bear the proof that I mean what I say: 

I believe so passionately in my work that I quit a corporate career at age 40 and, in the process of building up my new career, over years, I lost almost EVERYTHING and ended up in debt.  I carried on, I worked 2 other jobs in addition to this one and I got myself out of that debt.  I never asked for help. But right now, I'm asking you, for the first time, for help.  To give back.  Not to me, but to the people of Ukraine. 

While I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I always talk in terms of support, not therapy.   Why?  The support may indeed come in the form of therapy but it may also be that you finally feel understood, validated, heard and supported in some other way.  I truly believe that we need support across the world, across all age groups for EVERYONE and in all forms.

I am not asking you to give up anything more than you afford.  But I know I make a difference and I know for sure that you and I together can make an even greater difference for the people of Ukraine.  Please donate today.

Learn More About #CreatorsForPeace

Other Ways You Can Help

Here's 3 quick things you can do to make a difference:

  1. Share my Peace Meditation with others so they can download it for free too on social media (you'll find the link under the "share" button right underneath the video

  2. Share this page with others (

  3. Use the hashtag #creatorsforpeace this week to raise awareness around displaced Ukrainians and link to the page for Unicef's campaign here  in your own social media posts.  

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