Cravings and Addictions

Willpower resides in the conscious part of the brain, 20% or less of your total brain power.  To successfully beat cravings and addictions you need to reprogram your unhelpful habits which reside in the subconscious.  Hypnosis taps into this power to achieve more than willpower alone

Hypnotic Gastric Band Parts 1 and 2

A powerful set of recordings to save $$$$ THOUSANDS and retrain your brain for weight loss.  Part 1 closely mimics the experience of actual gastric band surgery, but in such a way that there is reassurance throughout so this is a calm experience.  Part 2 reinforces the sensation of the hypnotic gastric band in place and encourages feeling fuller faster when eating.**

Length 1 x 36 mins

1 x 26 mins

Break Unhelpful Habits Hypnosis

This hypnosis session can be used for any unhelpful habit, not just those related to food and drink. This uses guided imagery of pulling up the weeds of your bad habits and bringing in a helper to help tend your garden of healthy habits

Length 49 mins

Freedom From Fast Food Addiction Hypnosis

As the mind rejects sudden changes, this works for long-term permanent change in your taste buds. This recording is effective in that it gradually retrains your body, brain and taste buds to slowly move away from a diet of fast food and junk food to whole, nutritious real food**

Length 31 mins

Crush Cravings Meditation (2 MP3s)

This meditation is designed to calm and ground the mind if cravings come up whether for food, cigarettes etc.  This provides breath and body focus and guided imagery for the release of body tension.

Length 1 x 20 mins

1 x 30 mins

Quit Chocolate Aversion Hypnotherapy

This works at several levels: first, to make you aware of the impact to your body.  Then it also applies powerful imagery to make chocolate unpleasant to look at, touch and taste.  Retrain your brain and taste buds today!**

Length 33 mins

Beat Sugar Addiction Hypnosis

This session works at both the physical and psychological levels of sugar cravings.  This myth busts all the reasons for consuming sugar and ends with powerful aversion therapy.**

Length 38 mins

Quit Drinking Alcohol Hypnosis

This helps you realize the cost to those few moments of avoidance and how alcohol is only a temporary fix.  This session also uses techniques including CBT, and regression to a time before drink became a problem and future visualization of life free of this craving.** 

Length 1hr 10 mins

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