Nov 2018

3 Key Signs of Outdated Beliefs

1. Conflicting thoughts: you find yourself having inner "negotiations" with yourself and, perhaps, giving in to the emotionally driven side even though you wonder why, after the fact.  This is a sign that your mind is not aligned and your subconscious is holding on to old, outdated beliefs

2.  Overwhelming emotions: when you find that even you are surprised at your own emotional reactions to something relatively benign, this is a sign that something in the present has reminded you of some past upsetting (traumatic) event that is still unresolved.  Closure through hypnotherapy will mean you have greater control of your emotions in the present

3.  Feeling out of control of your own behaviour: auto-pilot behaviour, bad habits and knee-jerk reactions are all a sign that you are not in control of yourself, that your primitive, subconscious mind is driving you.  All emotions, thoughts and habits serve a purpose, but sometimes the brain clings to habits that have been outgrown

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