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Whatever your needs, Unlock Your Life's affirmations, meditations and hypnotherapy sessions are here to support you, with over 100 MP3s organized by collection such as sleep, spiritual hypnosis and self-esteem.  Each script is unique; created and narrated by Sarah Dresser, Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.H, C.Cht

Whether you wish to retrain your brain to achieve a healthy weight, go through deeper healing; explore the spiritual side of hypnosis, or simply meditate for calm and get a good night's sleep, you can find something to help you here

Retrain Your Brain | Unlock Your Life

The  conscious part of the brain is

20% or less of your total brain power

80% or more of your power lies below the surface: your subconscious

Hypnotherapy provides the key to access the subconscious

Think Yourself Slim 7 Day Weight Loss Program
7 Days Weight Loss Affirmations Think Yourself Slim
7 Days Coaching Think Yourself Slim Program
Each Day Provides
1 Hypnotherapy MP3
1 Affirmations MP3
1 Coaching MP3
Total 21 MP3s

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NEW MP3 Releases

Meditation to Meet Your Higher Self

Meditation to Meet Your Higher Self (2 MP3s)

Whether you consider your higher self to be your best self, God, your most authentic self or some other being, this session allows you to connect and receive messages, release limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments and progress to your highest potential.  Both a longer and shorter version of this meditation are included.

Length 1 x 42 mins

1 x 25 mins

Who Am I album 400 px.jpeg

Who Am I? Guided Meditation

This meditation reminds you of who you are outside of labels and roles you live every day.  Release the false self, connect to the eternal essence of your true self

Length 28 mins

deep sleep intrusive thoughts pexels-pho

Deep Sleep Hypnosis

for Intrusive Thoughts

This will help you quiet the chattering mind, racing thoughts and anxiety as you send all noise away as a child to play and then take yourself to the perfect place, wherever and whatever you need, to fall asleep peacefully

Length 40 mins

Lucid Dreaming OBE Hypnosis

Lucid Dreaming / OBE Hypnosis

This uses a blend of techniques to ultimately "melt" reality transforming it to a dream reality using the "point and change" technique and fractionation to alternately relax then elevate awareness as you enter the dream state

Length 49 mins

affirmations confidence success adventur

Affirmations for Positive Thinking, Confidence and Success

These affirmations are designed to boost self-esteem, build your confidence and remind you that so long as you believe, you can succeed

Length 20 mins

Meet Guide Inner Advisor Smartphone Albu

Receive Messages from Your Guide  or Inner Advisor

This uses the smartphone as the visualization tool to contact your spirit guide or inner advisor to ask questions and receive answers

Length 50 mins

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