Our Brain is Missing Key Components at Birth

Every single child is born with an incomplete brain. Up until the age of 8, we are still developing the conscious part of the brain, the part that allows us to filter and evaluate information (amongst other functions).  So at birth we are equipped only with the oldest parts of the brain that are designed, not for critical thinking, but for instinctive survival: the subconscious.

The Child's Mind is a Sponge

The subconscious is the part of the brain that, in both child and adult life, houses all our deep seated emotional responses, our library of core beliefs and our habits.   The conscious part of the brain is a filter, a gatekeeper, to the subconscious. But as a child we don't have that filter in place.  This is why children demonstrate such accelerated learning.  So from years 1 to 8, with the conscious part of the brain still in development, we are learning sponges.  We are learning not only how to walk, read and write but we are also learning our world wikipedia, filling in the blank pages with our library of beliefs, emotional responses and habits which will serve us for a lifetime.

The Subconscious: Our Library of Beliefs

It's a race.  Not to compete.  Just to survive.  And from 0 to 8 years old we are writing in our rules of survival to our subconscious as fast as we can. We are designed to create our world view as quickly as possible so that we can respond as quickly as possible and, hopefully, survive.  And this is the fundamental flaw in our subconscious: it does not evaluate what it writes to our library of beliefs. 

Our Early Childhood Experiences Form Our Core Beliefs

Without the gatekeeper of the conscious part of the brain in place, the conscious filter, our subconscious has no protection or ability to assess what we record as our first beliefs.  Simply put, our earliest experiences form life long habits and responses.  And by 8 years old, 95% of our belief system is in place.

Our Childhood Mind Sacrifices Happiness for Survival

If your first experience seeing a dog was terrifying, you may continue to replicate that first fearful response as a phobia.  It doesn't matter how friendly any future dog looks and behaves.  

95% of our beliefs are formed by the time we are 8 years old

Because even BEFORE we check our external reality, our subconscious has already told us how to react based on past experience.  This is an in-built design to keep you alive.  The subconscious is not rational, it is simply referencing the page you first wrote in your belief system. 

Once the Mind Learns, it Resists Re-Learning

And once we are past the age of 8 years old, our library of beliefs are 95% complete.  And at this stage, the subconscious is done recording and over time reverts to a read only state.  Like a password protected file on your computer, you can look up your core beliefs but it is much harder to change them. 

Inner Conflict Comes From Outdated Beliefs

From the age of 8 onwards we have most of the key components of our brain developed.  And with the conscious part of the brain mostly developed, we are now equipped to analyze and question our own thinking and behaviour.  But once the subconscious mind learns, it resists re-learning.  It will continue to react in the old ways it always has responded, referencing our earliest experiences and conclusions.  Inner conflict arises when we become consciously aware that our behaviour, emotions, beliefs are not helpful - or are even harmful - but the subconscious continues to operate according to what it wrote in our book of beliefs during the first years.

Willpower is Not (Always) Enough to Change

We can perform an intervention into our own behaviour through willpower.  We can consciously change our behaviour with changing action to create different behaviour.  But it is much harder with emotional responses and beliefs.  Ask anyone who has tried to use willpower to fight insomnia, stop blushing or deal with emotional eating.  

Hypnotherapy: A Second Chance to Create Healthy Beliefs

While many know of hypnotherapy for just giving up smoking or weight loss, it is actually a powerful way to tap into your mind to release limiting beliefs, let go of fears and resolve childhood events from the past that affect your wellbeing to this day.  I know this myself.  Now a clinical hypnotherapist, I experienced hypnotherapy first as a client after more than a decade of insomnia.  From the very first session I experienced a full night's sleep.  So I know first hand that no matter how long you have lived with an issue there is ALWAYS the possibility for positive change.  

Further Listening to Release Limiting Beliefs

If you'd like help releasing limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits, check out the Healing collection of MP3s I have available.  As someone who has overcome emotional eating, food addiction and insomnia with the help of hypnotherapy, I know first hand that it does not matter how long you have had an issue, there is always the possibility of positive change

Release Limiting Beliefs and Subconscious Negativity

Whether old or new versions, you are guided to a healing waterfall to wash away every limitation, every aspect of false self and emerge shining as the true you

Length 45 mins

Healing the Inner Child Part 1

In part 1 you meet your inner child and establish trust.  You play together. You receive an important message from your child self, something your adult self needs to know.  You start the process of healing

Length 37 mins

Healing the Inner Child Part 2

Part 2 builds on the foundation of part 1.  You complete any release of past hurt or trauma.  You take your child self to a safe home.  You integrate adult and child selves to become whole.  You unite with a circle of healed adults and children

Length 50 mins

About the Author: Sarah Dresser, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach

I'm Sarah Dresser, Clinical  Hypnotherapist (M.H., C.CHT) and Coach.  I quit a 17 year corporate career in IT to work on my life passion. In the process of following my passion, I both lost and gained so much.  You can read a bit more about me here.

I chose hypnotherapy over all other therapy types because of its incredible power to retrain the subconscious brain in a way most therapies cannot.  

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