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I'm always happy to hear from anyone who has found my work.  However, as my channel gets more and more well known, I can no longer answer emails personally.  Please read the following before sending an email:

Emails regarding online orders for MP3 or other orders are generally answered the same day (And thank you, by the way!  You're helping me sustain low cost and no cost support for all!)  There is now a team of wonderful people who assist with order enquiries.

Please do not send comments or questions related to my recordings here, instead please comment on the related video on my channel here

If you would like to express gratitude, it is much appreciated, thank you!  And you can also support my work by donating to help me continue to provide low cost and no cost support for all here

Regarding collaborations and business opportunities, I receive business proposals every week and as such, cannot respond to all.  I am honoured to be considered but at this time am working on a couple of unique opportunities and am not looking to take on new business collaborations or affiliations


I am not currently offering private sessions and have no plans to do so in the near future as offering low cost and no cost support keeps me busy 7 days a week. I am, however, working on some exciting online courses which will give you even more personalized support.  Stay tuned.  Connect on Facebook or follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest news, special offers and new releases!

All emails are kept in strict confidence

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