Affirmations and Short Meditations

Here you'll find all Unlock Your Life affirmations, most for less than $1, and shorter affirmations to start or end your day the best possible way.  Choose from themes such as gratitude, self-esteem, anxiety relief and more. 

Dare to Dream! 

Positive Morning Affirmations

Whatever your dream, these are the affirmations you need to kick start your day and fuel up with passion and belief to pursue them and make them happen.  You can do this!

Length 9 mins

Meditation and Affirmations for Self Compassion, Quiet the Inner Critic

In this meditation you face a mirror image of yourself and go through exercises and affirmations to cultivate self-compassion.  Do this daily for 21 days and notice the changes, the improvement in self-kindness

Length 20 mins

Morning Affirmations

Today is a Great Day!

I Say Yes to Today!

Designed to kick start your day with total belief that you can achieve what you want with the day ahead of you.  The past does not define you, the future is full of possibilities!

Length 9 mins

Evening Gratitude Affirmations

You are 1 of 7 billion bright lights, never forget that. Even after we are gone, we are still felt.  This reminds you that we can all make an impact in this life

Length 11 mins

A New Day: Joy, Gratitude, Calm

These guide you through centering your thoughts and energy at the start of the day, then reflecting on where in your life you can find gratitude, joy and calm.

Length 15 mins

Meditation and Affirmations for Courage

This includes a few minutes to calm and ground you in meditation then gently energizes you to break through the paralysis of fear, taking action and transforming fear into courage and faith.  Through the other side of fear are your dreams and goals

Length 10 mins

I Am Worthy

To boost self esteem and self-love are designed to allow you to connect to the authentic you and increase the love and self-worth for the true you

Length 10 mins

Evening Abundance Affirmations

The evening abundance affirmations are essential in learning from yourself every day to have an even more successful day tomorrow

Length 12 mins

Take a Break for Calm

Calm the river of intrusive thoughts to a still lake of silence and enjoy the quiet of your mind, as using imagery centred around water,  Take the time you deserve to calm and re-centre - find serenity now

Length 20 mins

The Power of No

Many of us were raised as people pleasers and as a result, ignore our own needs.  This meditation reminds you  to listen to your needs

Length 16 mins

Self Compassion Affirmations

To have true compassion means to show up for yourself, to be fully present and to gift yourself unconditional loving kindness.  Different to self esteem, self compassion has nothing to do with comparing to others or ranking your achievements, it is in fact an internal state: one of total acceptance and total understanding of self.  Develop compassion with these supporting affirmations

Length 9 mins

Morning Meditation to Uplift Your Energy, Motivate to Create Your Best Day!

Designed to kick start your day with total belief that you can achieve what you want with the day ahead of you.  The past does not define you, the future is full of possibilities!

Length 9 mins

NEW Morning Gratitude Affirmations

I have rewritten my most popular affirmations to be EVEN more powerful.  Stop waiting for life to be something else; find gratitude now and expand your capacity for joy and appreciation right here, right now

Length 9 mins

Affirmations for Self-Love and Self Confidence

Attract the Best Relationships

These affirmations remind you that self-love is constant, not dependent on your achievements, or events.  These remind you that you are worthy of the best relationships that love you for who you are

Length 15  mins

I Am Blessed With 24 Hours

Designed to break out of the trap of feeling you never have enough time.  With the space of awareness you can also make peace with your past, and find calm right now

Length 13 mins

Affirmations Connect  to Your Higher Self / Inner Advisor

To help you connect to your higher self, God, your inner advisor, or intuition in order to find wholeness, answer questions, resolve doubts.  All answers lie inside of you 

Length 18 mins

Morning Abundance Affirmations

These reflect a personal philosophy that we not only spend and receive abundance financially, but also in time, energy and focus

Length 14 mins

Affirmations to Go For Goals

You don't need 100% confidence to go for your goals, but rather, you will get to 100% confidence along the way.   Start today. You can do it!

Length 12 mins

Find Your Inner Sanctuary

(2 MP3s)

Peace of mind is not a far-off distant place, or a goal to strive for, but rather a place you can connect to as you look inside yourself

Length 1 x  14 mins

1 x 20 mins

Affirmations for Positive Thinking, Confidence and Success

These affirmations are designed to boost self-esteem, build your confidence and remind you that so long as you believe, you can succeed!

Length 20 mins

Affirmations to Raise Your Vibrations, Become the Creator of Your Day

Designed to help you recognize your inner light and help you ascend to higher vibrations and emotions, these affirmations remind you of the bright light you carry inside

Length 10 mins

Morning Meditation to Uplift Your Energy, Motivate to Create Your Best Day!

To gently transition you from sleep into visualizing your best day yet. You are guided through uplifting energy, then through cultivating your most empowering thoughts and then setting a clear vision of what you wish to create with this day

Length 30 mins

Morning Gratitude Affirmations

These are not your typical gratitude affirmations.  These help you find gratitude on the most difficult days and find appreciation in the smallest acts

Length 10 mins

Morning Energizing Affirmations

Motivation to get you up and make the most of each day, these are for you.  You create your future with your choices today; act now!

Length 8 mins

Heal Your Mind-Body

These affirmations allow you to release all that is blocking you from health.  These guide you through giving love and healing light as well as gratitude to accelerate healing at all levels.  This includes 2 MP3s, one MP3 is a Members only exclusive MP3 not on Youtube

Length 1 x 20 mins

1 x 30 mins

Affirmations for Self-Respect

Affirmations to reinforce self-respect and to value you yourself, then to use that worth as a basis for allowing in only positive, respectful relationships

Length 9 mins

100+ Healing Affirmations

These are designed to heal you physically and emotionally with over 100 healing affirmations.  Listen for a minimum of 21 days

Length 18 mins

Affirmations to Close the Day; Let Go of Anxiety Before Sleep

How we end the day carries through to the next.  These affirmations also reassure you that there IS time for everything that is truly important to let go of anxiety and fear of not having done enough with the day.

Length 20 mins

Connect to Your Inner Child

 To connect to your inner child or intuition.  This also has healing affirmations to continue the good work after listening to Healing the Inner Child Parts 1 and 2

Length 17 mins

Affirmations for Financial Abundance

Remind yourself of your divine right to abundance.  These affirmations focus on shifting to a wealth mindset and remind you all that we create is born first in the mind

Length 15 mins

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